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Tiled Roof Conservatories Finchampstead

Want to increase the interior space of your property and expand it in a classic way? Our tiled roof conservatories are an ideal choice to breathe new life into your home and increase its value significantly. With a beautifully tiled roof, you can have this classic conservatory design by adding a twist. We allow extra customisation for our tiled roof conservatories, meaning more choice for you and that they are the perfect additions for any type of homes, particularly for period homes and cottages.

Manufactured from many lightweight tiles merged together in order to create the main profile, our tiled conservatory roofs feature an incredibly useful watertight design. Our tiled roof conservatories are highly energy-efficient, secure and durable. After installation, your property will thrive thanks to the heightened performance, with its benefits improving your quality of life at home.

Because of its modern design, our tiled roof conservatories are able to effectively stop the uncomfortable ‘greenhouse’ effect. Often many older designs of conservatories suffer from such an effect due to poor and inefficient thermal performance. This means that many older conservatories often become nigh-inhabitable during the summer as the heat makes the interior uncomfortably hot. The same applies for winter as the heat transfer is sub-optimal, meaning that an older conservatory often becomes too chilly to sit in. That is why we suggest our tiled roof conservatories, as they have the modern performance to circumvent such temperature extremes. During the summer, small air pockets in our roofs work to trap and retain heat, forming a thermal barrier. In the summer, tiny gaps in between the tiles help ventilate your home. Any excess heat will be lost, preventing the greenhouse feel.

Expand your home in style with our beautiful tiled roof conservatories. Get in touch with Abbey today to discuss further and receive a free quote!

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Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

For a home improvement solution that will add value to your Finchampstead home in many ways, choose a conservatory with a tiled roof. Homeowners across the UK are increasingly choosing this modern installation thanks to the range of benefits it offers. Expand your home and let it perform to its true potential!

Thermally Efficient

We work with market leaders Ultraframe, meaning that our tiled conservatory roofs have been carefully designed in order to offer the highest levels of insulation. It is very important that we are able to make your new living space to usable and comfortable no matter what time of the year, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

Utilising a thermally efficient roof and robust panels of double glazing, your brand new tiled conservatory roof will make your Finchampstead property much more warmer and cosier, as it will help trap and retain the natural heat inside. This means you will be less inclined to switch on the central heating, saving you money on the energy bill whilst keeping warm.

Bespoke Design

No two tiled roof conservatories that we install in Finchampstead will ever be the same. This is because every installation we carry out for our valued customers is bespoke to each and every one of them. We tailor our tiled roof conservatories to the specific needs of the customer, as we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all approach’. Because we understand that no two homes are the same, which is why no two tiled roof conservatories are the same.

We pride ourselves on designing and installing bespoke tiled roof conservatories that meet and exceeds the needs of our valued customers. We will tailor our designs in order to fulfil whatever vision you have in mind, be it a new living room, entertainment space, kitchen or playroom; we will make sure we reach your requirements.

Easy Installation

We here at Abbey Conservatories have many years of experience within the home improvement industry. As such, we know how to fit a tiled roof conservatory quickly and efficiently. We have spent years perfecting our craft in order to make sure that you are given a premium tiled roof conservatory installation.

Modern Design Elements

Carefully designed, our tiled roof conservatories feature modern technology elements. This ensures that our installations offer true value to our customer’s homes and will last for decades to come. Only premium grade materials are used during the manufacturing process, including advanced double glazing.  Any windows or doors will also feature modern locking mechanisms.

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Replacement Roofs

Although we offer tiled conservatory roofs as part of a brand new build, we also offer tiled replacement roofs to those in Finchampstead that may be looking to upgrade their current conservatory.

Telltale signs of a conservatory that needs a new roof include damp or mould issues, temperature extremes and outdated style. If you are currently experiencing any of these issues, there is no need to build a new conservatory from scratch. More often than not, a new roof is all that is needed. Revitalise your home and add greater levels of performance. Get in touch today and we will come to your property and assess the situation.

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Tiled Roof Conservatory Prices Finchampstead

Take the plunge and expand your home with a brand new tiled roof conservatory from Abbey. This is a decision you will not regret! For the rest of the time spend in your Finchampstead home you will benefit from extra space, better insulation, high security and style.

If you are ready to receive a free quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Our online quote builder is an easy way to receive a price tailored to your needs. Simply follow the step by step process.

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You may also contact us via our online form. By leaving as much information as possible we will be able to get back to you quickly with a solution.

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Double Glazing Network Accreditations

With every product we install, we make sure to provide consistently high results, which has not gone unnoticed. We are incredibly proud to be accredited by the Double Glazing Network, who work hard with us to make sure all our products are of a high standard and suitable for installation into your home.

Double Glazing Network

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"Good service from the quotation through to the installation. We would definitely use this company again".

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