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5 Ways to Keep Your Orangery Warmer this Autumn

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At Abbey Conservatories, we offer a wide range of orangeries for your home in Reading. Orangeries have become a popular installation because of their privacy and emphasis on letting in more natural light. This will make your living space brighter and boost its market value.

With the cost of global warming on the rise, it is imperative that your home stays warm this winter so you won’t have to spend on expensive bills. In this article, we will show you 5 ways you can improve your orangeries’ thermal performance.

Install One of Ultraframe’s Super Insulated Columns  

When you choose an orangery for your Reading home, it is created with extra brickwork that enhances your property. What’s more, we work with market leaders Ultraframe who specialise in making your home more thermally efficient. Ultraframe’s super insulated column acts as a decorative accessory, the perfect place to install lights and speakers. This is ideal for a relaxing space for those Friday night gatherings.

What’s more, if you are looking to customise your internal pelmet even further, you will benefit from a selection of styles if you are feeling creative. Our insulated pelmets are available in any colour, so you can go for something vibrant to brighten up your space. Alternatively, choose an industrial colour such as Anthracite Grey, which helps blend into your property easier. This is ideal if you want to sell your home in the future.

OrangeriesAdd a Ultrasky Roof Lantern

When you choose one of our orangeries, they support many accessories for example an Ultrasky roof lantern. This comes with advanced double glazing which floods your home with natural light, so you won’t have to use your central heating.

The Ultrasky Roof Lantern will create the illusion of a bigger space, so your orangery will be enhanced instantly. It is thermally broken inside and out, making your property warmer much easier. This will ensure you get a luxurious living space that you and your family will be proud of. The roof lanterns come with a minimalist design which makes them easy to fit, alongside extensive double glazing that stops heat from escaping so you will regulate the temperature.

Install a Replacement Solid Conservatory Roof

We understand that homeowners’ roofs get worn out over time. This could make your property even colder in the long term. But choosing a solid conservatory roof will make sure your thermal efficiency will increase. Our team of Ultra Installers can even upgrade your polycarbonate roof with a solid conservatory roof or glass roof, that keeps warm air inside and cold air outside. As a result, you will save on your heating bills.

The benefits of a replacement roof are integrated into our Livinroof and Ultraroof builds, which give a superb thermal performance and sound insulation. This helps your build block out unwanted noise, perfect if you live in a busy area. Our friendly team will work closely with you on your proposed design, creating a build you will be happy with.

House Extensions WokinghamChoose the Ultraroof Tiled Conservatory Roof

The Ultraroof Tiled Conservatory Roof supports orangeries, making them warmer and giving a strong thermal performance. The most thermally efficient tiled roof on the market, this build comes with low U values and works in tandem with your orangery. The Ultraroof is designed to support bifold doors without needing a tie bar. This lets natural light in your property, saving on energy and electricity bills.

At Abbey, we specialise in fast lead times which ensures you can enjoy this roof for longer. The structural insulation membrane will give your property warmth.

Enhance Your Home’s Flexibility With A Glass Roof

Our glass roofs deliver ample amounts of natural light. A glass conservatory roof will be able to control your home’s temperature and save on your heating bills significantly.

The honeycomb centre in the chambered top caps gives outstanding heat retention, helping regulate the temperature. As a result, your orangery will become comfortable faster this autumn.


We hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of keeping your orangery warm during the autumn. We have years of experience installing orangeries for Reading homeowners, so we are sure to find something that’s right for you.

If you want to discuss your new project, our team will help you. Our online quoting engine will let you design your orangery, and we will get a quote that matches your budget. Alternatively, give us a ring on 0118 958 2839 and one of our advisors will answer any question you have.


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How Do You Make Your Conservatory More Thermally Efficient

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At Abbey Conservatories, we understand the importance of making your conservatory more energy efficient. Read on to learn more.


When we talk to our customers about our conservatories, one of the key points is how to make them more energy efficient. The cost of living and expenses are increasing fast, so we understand how essential it is to save money.

Energy companies increase their prices during winter, so with this in mind, we will give you a few tips on how to reduce your energy bills and make your conservatory warmer. By following this advice, you will make a better investment in your home’s future, resulting in a healthier and happier lifestyle.

How To Make Your Conservatory Energy Efficient

Heat is lost through your conservatory’s roof, so upgrading to a solid roof will help alleviate this issue. Solid roofs are beneficial because they are fully insulated with airtight and watertight gaps. This will save money on repairs as cold air or leaks won’t come into your home.

Additionally, insulating the floor will increase the home’s warmth too. Installing electric floor underheating will help keep your home permanently warm. When heating the floor, you will boost your home’s energy efficiency by around 70%

Another way of making your conservatory more energy efficient is to upgrade your conservatory doors to double glazing. For example, uPVC French doors are ideal for this because they will help control the ventilation in your property. They have large panes of glass which flood your home with natural light, however when the doors are open, you will benefit from extra fresh air in the summer.

bespoke conservatories for new yearWill an Energy Efficient Conservatory Save You Money?

One way of increasing your home’s energy efficiency is to choose low emission glass. This will reduce your heating bills by up to 20%, freeing up plenty of space on energy bills.

In addition to this, it will help you save the planet as well, ensuring you will be protecting the environment as well as your finances. Adding energy efficient windows and doors will enhance the amount of natural light in your property, ensuring that you’ll be making the right choice on your conservatory.

Other Reasons Why You Can Make Your Conservatory Energy Efficient

At Abbey Conservatories, we believe there are many other benefits in keeping your home energy efficient. You will be able to tailor your home bespoke to your needs by selecting from double or triple glazing. A conservatory with triple glazing panels will stand a higher chance of keeping warm heat in your property. What’s more, we are a dedicated team who takes thermal efficiency very seriously, ensuring you will get a warm home.

But that’s not all. Your conservatory will be able to be tailored to your own styles and colours alongside hardware options and accessories. As a result, your conservatory will be tailored to your own unique personality, helping it feel even better.

Will Replacing the Roof Make Your Conservatory More Energy Efficient?

When you use your conservatory roof, feel confident that it doesn’t need any planning permission. The roofs that we offer include solid roofs, tiled roofs, and glass roofs. All these roofs give you a shot of natural light, ensuring plenty of warmth all year round.

Additionally, if your roof is old and dilapidated, it is worth replacing it with new windows. By doing this, not only will your home become warmer, but it will increase your kerb appeal instantly. Investing in a new roof will help your home become habitable in the process, giving it lower U Values.

ConservatoriesUnderstanding U Values and G Values

Another crucial way of making your home more energy efficient is to look at U Values and G Values. We will explain them here:

U Values

A U Value is the measurement of how easy it is for heat to pass through your home. If your conservatories’ windows offer low U Values, they will be warmer in the process.

G Values

Alternatively, G Values are how much solar heat passes through your home. A low G Value is when less solar heat passes through. Similar to U Values, the lower the G Values, the warmer the conservatory.

What Is A Good Value For Your Conservatory

The typical U Value for the roof of a conservatory is between 1.1 and 1.7, which makes sure it will be warm in the long term. The lower the U Value, the warmer it is, meaning a conservatory with a U Value of 1.1 will help push the cold air back, enabling a comfortable temperature in the room. As a result, the homeowner will feel warmer in the long term. An important thing to consider in a conservatory is that it doesn’t rob light from your home, so you will still benefit from natural light.

Liniars Energy Efficient Profiles

At Abbey, we work with Liniar to deliver outstanding energy efficient profiles. The uPVC profile includes symmetrical chambers which minimise the effect of heat from escaping. The Energy Plus range in particular will help achieve a U Value of 0.8, lowering energy costs significantly.

Thermally Efficient Glazing From  Abbey Conservatories 

In addition to Liniar’s uPVC Profiles, we offer double glazing from Homeguard. This system consists of a 6.4mm laminated glass panel on the outside, alongside a 4mm inner panel to trap heat inside. As a result, you will benefit from a functional conservatory, that uses modern technology to keep cold air out.

We work hard to increase the energy efficiency significantly, giving you peace of mind and protection from the cold. As a result, you will benefit from a comfortable conservatory.


Free Online Quote

We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of energy efficiency and how it will keep your home warmer. At Abbey, we have many years of experience increasing the heat retention of your conservatory, so get in touch with us today to find out more.

To get free bespoke advice tailored to you, use our online contact form and we will get back to you straight away. Or, give us a call on 0118 956 6866. We look forward to working with you.

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Construction Design Management

By | Advice & Inspiration, News

As the home improvement and construction industry continues to change, so too do the regulations that govern and control it, with more and new standards for companies like ourselves at Abbey Conservatories to uphold.

One such change came about with the Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations 2015. But what are these, and why are they important to you, our domestic customers?

With our specialisation in conservatories, orangeries and house extensions, we are keenly aware of and want to make our customers aware of the CDM Regulations. That way, you can understand the guidelines we’re following, and how they affect you and your next project.

CDM Regulations 2015 Explained

Applicable to all construction projects, these regulations affect all works, no matter how large or how long they may be, meaning they’re a useful resource to be aware of for everyone. Put simply, they are in place to ensure construction projects are conducted and completed safely and efficiently.

Whether it’s related to topics from risk assessment and project planning to subcontractors and waste management,  the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 cover all aspects of the works from start to finish.

 Why are the CDM Regulations Important for Domestic Customers?

Here are some of the most pertinent parts of the regulations for you, as a domestic customer, to be aware of for your next project with Abbey Conservatories:

Health & Safety

This ensures that your installation and construction team will work safely and responsibly on-site, in line with health and safety guidelines, for your conservatory or extension build.

Legal Obligations

Penalties and fines await any companies that breach the binding CDM Regulations. That way, you can be reassured that your installers will follow the rules – or face the consequences.

Quality Assurance

These regulations reassure you that your build will be completed to the highest standards. And when you choose us, you know we’re using the highest quality products too.

construction design management regulations 2015 readingHow Abbey Conservatories Meets the CDM Regulations

The CDM Regulations 2015 matter to all of the team at Abbey Conservatories. We make sure to follow these guidelines (not only because they are law-abiding) but because they sensibly assure the safe and reliable completion of the construction projects we undertake.

As an experienced, professional team of conservatory and extension construction experts (not to mention window and door installers as part of Abbey Windows) we’re proud of our high standards and fully committed to making sure our work complies with the latest governing standards.

Working to these guidelines, regulations and high standards ensures that you can have total peace of mind in your home improvements when you choose Abbey Conservatories.

Contact Us

To find out more about the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 and how they will relate to your next project with us, we welcome you to get in touch with our friendly team for more advice.

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them either over the phone on 0118 958 2839 or via our online contact form.

For high quality products installed and constructed to an equally high standard in line with CDM Regulations 2015, you can rely on us.

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6 Ways to Improve Your House Extension

By | News

At Abbey Conservatories, we understand the importance of how to make your house extension worthwhile. House extensions have become a popular choice for homeowners in Reading and the surrounding areas because they are versatile living spaces that give you an influx of natural light. A house extension is also thermally efficient because the glazing will prevent natural heat.

You might be wondering how to enhance and decorate your house extension. Here at Abbey, we have many different options for you to consider. Here are some ways to increase your living space.

Create a Roof Extension

One way that you can increase your extension is to utilise the roof space in your property. The roof can bring the best out of your views because you will experience outstanding natural skylines. As a result, your home’s value will increase because of the extra light filled space in your home. It can be used as a bedroom or a study option, so you are able to appreciate the landscapes more.

A roof space is ideal for a bungalow as well because you will benefit from an outstanding view. The natural light will reduce the need for curtains as well because the light will increase vitamin D.

Double Glazing Increases the Home’s Flow

If you have an orangery, it will be made of brickwork. While this increases privacy, you may want more light to bring a brighter space into your home. Glazing is thermally efficient which means your home will be warm and cosy. At Abbey, our extensions are manufactured by Ultraframe. Our glass roofs come with as few tie bars as possible, boosting the panoramic views. It leaves space for wonderful skylines. Choosing structural glazing for the walkway is one way of connecting the house with the garden.

House ExtensionsExtra glazing will create the illusion of a bigger living space. As a result, it creates a fantastic entertaining space. This is perfect for when you have guests over for a Friday night or a dinner party. In addition, you can keep the noise in because the glazing will keep the sound in, which is ideal when it rains.

Build a Kitchen in Your Home

If you have always wanted a social space that connects seamlessly to your house and garden, then a kitchen space is perfect. When you bring a kitchen into your home, you bring natural light, extra ceiling space, and natural heat. This will help save plenty of money on rising energy bills.

Bring beautiful plants in your home because they will give your home an upgrade. Especially if you want to create e a natural setting for your property. Bring a skylight above the kitchen island, which creates a focal point and natural light in the main area.

Add extra Lighting In Your Property

Another way to enhance your house extension is to make the most out of lighting. Ambient lighting such as a dim light will not only reduce your energy bills, but it will also create a cosy atmosphere that makes your space easy for guests to be in.

Furthermore, another option is to include ambient lights above your kitchen island for a beautiful feature in your home. A downlight will accentuate your room’s bright space, while a table lamp will bring out its traditional quality.

house extension quotes twyford Oak Beams Add Extra Charm

Wood brings a natural look to any home, which immediately boosts its character. It is able to enhance any room in the house, but if you are turning your extension into a living space, it will work well with a brown floor, matching its look.

This design structure will turn heads because it adds a rustic charm and boosts the traditional appeal if that is something you are going for.

Consider a Garden Room

If you want to experience the great outdoors, then a garden room will help you achieve this wonderful look. This will create a personal space, which is ideal if you want an office or a bedroom. However, you’ll still be connected to the garden, bridging the gap seamlessly.


We hope that this article has helped you understand ways to improve your extension. If you are stuck on what to do, this will help you get inspired with your latest project. Turn your extension into a beautiful space that you can be proud of.

To build your dream extension, fill out our online quoting engine. Here, you will be able to create your dream design, and we will return with a customised quote that works with your budget.

If you have any more questions for us, our online contact form will help you, or call us on 0118 956 6866. Our friendly team will be on hand to help you.




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What Is the Best Replacement Roof for a Conservatory?

By | News

When renovating your Reading home’s conservatory, a replacement roof is a cheaper, cost-effective option. More homeowners are choosing this design due to its range of benefits, plus they are also very easy to install.

Here at Abbey, we offer many types of replacement roofs. As conservatories get older, their performance suffers, and their insulation is poor. This could result in water leaking through and cold air coming in. If you want to make your home comfortable and warm but don’t want to spend too much, a replacement roof is ideal. But with an abundance of choice, which roof is right for your conservatory? Read on to find out more.

conservatory roof


With the choice of available styles, your conservatory will fit into one of them, so you must pick the right one. Most conservatory roofs are either square or rectangular because this will help create more space for your furniture. The main roof styles to consider are Victorian, Gable End, and Lean To Conservatories.

Victorian Conservatory Roof

The Victorian style is a popular choice for traditional homes.  It can come with a pentagonal or semi-hexagonal bay window. The window connects to the garden because it pushes out towards it. It is very diverse because it suits all roofs, plus it creates plenty of space to relax in.

Lean to Conservatory

At Abbey, we know there is a lot of stress and upheaval involved when you renovate a home. If you choose a lean to conservatory, the stress is reduced considerably. This is because the roof will lean back against your house while providing more space. It is suitable for most roofs, but if you go for a tiled roof, it will make your space warmer and airtight. A lean to conservatory roof is a simple design because it consists of a square or rectangle with a flat roof. This makes it the cheapest and easiest roof to both instal and modify.

 This type of roof is perfect for anyone who has a bungalow because it is ideal for those with restricted spaces. We offer a bespoke service, which helps you decide which type of roof you want. Choose from a glass roof, a polycarbonate roof, tiled roof, or solid conservatory roof. A glass roof will help bring natural light into your home, allowing your space to be more flexible. However,  tiled roofs are a suitable option as they have better soundproof capabilities.  tiled conservatory roof

A tiled conservatory roof is a great heat insulator. This means it will retain natural heat while keeping cold air outside. By doing this, your house will stay cooler in hot weather and warmer in colder weather, saving plenty of money on your heating bills. Your living space is useable all year round. This will make your lean to conservatory slicker.

Edwardian Conservatory Roof

While the lean to conservatory roof is easier to install, if you’re going for a more classic design, then in comparison, an Edwardian roof could be the design you’re looking for. Elegant, classic, and proving more popular because this type of roof creates maximum space inside your home. Its style is unique because it is a good insulator of sound, which is perfect if you live in a busy area. If you have a glass roof on your Edwardian Conservatory, it will come with advanced double glazing, which can reduce loud sounds to a whisper. This is perfect if you want to use the conservatory as a space to relax because you don’t have to worry about any loud sounds interfering in your home.

You can also customise your options when it comes to choosing the roof because by changing the angle of the facets, the shape is altered. This gives you more freedom and control of your design.

Gable End Conservatory Roof

If you are looking for a dramatic roof style that stands out, you can consider a Gable End conservatory roof. The height extends like a house due to the triangular facet. It creates a big centrepiece that demands attention while the sloped sides fade into the background.

Hybrid Roof 

You can have a hybrid roof to blend into your Reading home. This roof is very useful because it falls in between a solid tiled roof and a glass roof. It looks fantastic because it your home will feel modern. We offer a bespoke service where you can add spotlights and custom tiles. Create a seamless connection to your garden as well because you will keep your conservatory’s outdoor feel.


conservatory roof


 At Abbey, we offer plenty of different replacement roofs for you to consider. Our friendly team of installers will carry out an efficient and professional service. Replacing a roof is a cheaper and more affordable option, so you’ll save plenty of money doing it.

To design your ideal replacement roof, use our online quoting tool. Here, customise every bit of your roof in minutes and we will return with a bespoke price. 

Alternatively, you can call us on 0118 958 2839, and our friendly team will be on hand to help you with any questions you have.




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