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Choosing the Best Conservatory Company

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When you want to improve your home, you might be wondering where to start. With the wide range of companies to choose from, you are almost spoilt for choice.

We here at Abbey pride ourselves on our state of the art conservatories. We offer a very wide range of products including orangeries and conservatory roofs.

So, we will be discussing why you should choose us when selecting your brand new conservatory. Here are some of the things you should look out for and why we are the best company to choose.

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At Abbey, we have been providing customers with the finest conservatories since 1986. With over 35 years’ experience, people come to us because they want an easy, enjoyable experience when buying one of our conservatories.

When you choose Abbey Conservatories, you’ll get the best service because when you want to design your conservatory, we will be with you all the way from planning to installation.

We’re proud of our friendly and trustworthy service. We know you are looking for an installer who can complete the installation quickly and efficiently. All or installers are FENSA accredited and are on hand to answer any questions you might have about our conservatories.

We have experience in completing projects in areas including Maidenhead, High Wycombe, Didcot, and Newbury so we feel very confident that we can transform your home by installing a beautiful eye catching conservatory.

You are in good hands with us because our team understand everything there is to know about conservatories, conservatory roofs, and canopies.

Where We’re Based

Wondering what areas we operate in? We cover a broad range of areas in Berkshire and its surrounding areas. In addition to villages such as Spencers Wood, we are also available in bigger areas like Basingstoke and Reading. So if you live in these areas and are looking to transform your home, then reach out to us!

A Broad Selection of Conservatories

“What conservatory do I want?” It’s a question you are probably asking yourself, and we understand that you could feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry because there is a wide range of conservatories and orangeries to choose from.

At Abbey, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of conservatories for you to choose from. We have a range of products to choose from including lean to conservatories, which will keep you and your family warm because of a unique uPVC profile for Liniar. It offers superior gaskets that keep warm air inside for longer. We also offer Edwardian conservatories with their beautiful design and symmetrical floor plan, Gable End conservatories which have beautiful high rooflines, and stunning double glazing to keep your new living area warm all year round.

But that’s not all. If you are looking for an alternative to a conservatory, you can look at our beautiful orangeries, which are created by using more brickwork and add a sleek stylish alternative to your property.  They are stunning and cost effective, so whatever your budget, we can suit your needs. Orangeries are perfect for those who want the quiet life because they have a strong emphasis on privacy.

As well as contemporary designs, we also offer a modern take on traditional wooden conservatories with high grade modern wood. You can choose from a natural or painted finish, while our wood is made from high quality durable material.

Another great feature that we do is allow you to create your own conservatory. We offer bespoke conservatories that are tailored exactly how you want it. Customise everything from choosing a solid or tiled roof, to adding a bi fold aluminium door, opening nature to your garden. We can even match the brickwork of your home so you get a seamless extension to your property.

Our tiled and solid roofs are ideal because they are crafted from durable materials and soundproof, so you can listen to your favourite playlist without worrying about noise. You can even add bespoke options like spotlights to brighten up your home.

No matter what conservatory you choose, you can be rest assured that they all come with a made to measure fit. This means that when we install your conservatory, they are tailored to fit exactly how you want it.

In addition to this, we are also able to install house extensions too. Some homeowners might worry about the noise and disruption installations may cause. However, here at Abbey, our installations are efficient and won’t break the budget, so we will have a beautiful space installed for you in no time at all.

You should choose Abbey Conservatories because all our conservatories and extensions are fitted with sturdy, durable materials. This helps them be weatherproof and thermally efficient to keep you and your family warm all year round. We also offer customisable options for instance Skylit rooflights and a variety of colours to maximise your experience.

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Finance Options

 Abbey Conservatories offer some amazing finance options on our conservatories.

You can also choose our Low Rate Finance option where you don’t have to pay anything over 3 months, then start paying 60 months repayment at 4.9% APR. The offer is available over 5 years.

We also have an offer where you can either repay the agreement in full during the deferral period and there’s nothing aside from a £29 admin fee. Alternatively, after summer 2022, you can pay 120 monthly repayments.

Alternatively, for bigger purchases, we also have a Low Rate Finance Option where you don’t pay anything for the first 3 months and then relax in your orangery or extension for just £183 per month.

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Get a quote with us today!

We believe that with our expertise and technical know how, we can offer you the best value for money when it comes to choosing your conservatory. With an honest approach and a professional efficient service, we have the reputation to back up our performance.

What conservatory is right for you? Something that brings privacy to your home? An area for you and your family to relax? Perhaps even a dining room! Whatever you decide to choose, we have a stunning selection of options for you to consider. Get in touch with us to find out more!

what is a garden canopy

What is a Garden Canopy?

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What is a garden canopy? Here at Abbey Conservatories, we offer garden canopies to help add that extra flair and protection to your garden. Whether you are looking for some shade from the hot sun or simply want to enjoy the outdoors even when it is raining, our garden canopies can offer unobstructed enjoyment of your exterior regardless of the British weather outside.

But what are garden canopies, and what do they do? Below we will be going into the fine details of our garden canopies, including their functionalities, style and how they can improve your quality of life as a homeowner.

Unlike conservatories and orangeries, garden canopies offer extended shelter without the need to completely eliminate outdoor space. Instead, homeowners can enjoy extended roofing that acts as a shelter on the side of their property. This enables maximum protection with minimal use of your outdoor space. Create an established area in your garden with our canopies. Relax in the shade or under a blanket of protection against the raining elements as you relax outside. Reading a book, relaxing on a sun chair or simply enjoying the view of your back garden, all of it can be easily achieved with our garden canopies protecting you overhead from harmful UV sun rays and heavy rainfall.

     How Durable are Garden Canopies?

A question you may be asking yourself is ‘how durable are garden canopies?’. The durability of your expanded overhead shelter is a genuine concern for many homeowners. This is why we ensure that our valued customers won’t have to worry about anything when our garden canopies take the complete brunt of whatever is above your head.

We utilise extremely durable frames in our canopies, guaranteeing many years of peerless performance. We provide high quality garden canopies by making sure that we only use high quality materials from industry leading manufacturers. This makes them effectively hear wearing and resilient against the very worst of British weather. Capable of withstanding any storm, meaning that homeowners can relax with complete peace of mind.

How Practical are Garden Canopies?

‘What can I even do with a garden canopy?’ A fair question that we will effectively answer. Our garden canopies not only protect your overhead from the downpouring elements such as rain, hail and snow but also reinvents your outdoor space.

With a garden canopy, homeowners will be able to utilise their gardens, patios and outdoor spaces to a greater extent without having to worry about any unfavourable weather. Enjoy an outdoor lunch or dinner in your back garden without having to worry about the rain or the sun being annoyingly glaring. Even if the outdoors is pouring with rain, we fit an integral gutter system that makes sure that the rainwater is properly dealt with and doesn’t interrupt your brand new dry space with an overflow of precipitation.

Using Your Garden Canopy for your Car

One of the many great features of our garden canopies is that it doesn’t only just protect homeowners from the elements; it can protect your car too! Many homes don’t have the luxury of a garage to store a vehicle away safely. However, due to our garden canopies’ versatility and ease of installation, they can easily act as a carport for your home. Meaning, without even having to deal with the cost and stress of installing a whole garage, our garden canopies can be a much simpler alternative to make sure your car stays clean and pristine, even if it is raining outside. Why bother with a costly garage and make do with a tight fit when you can enjoy a wide area being sheltered with far less need for maintenance and an equal amount of protection for your vehicle?


Choose Abbey for impressive canopy prices! Start your instant online quote today to find out the cost of specific canopy designs, it’s very simple and only takes a minute of your time. Choose your style, enter your sizes and get an online guide price.

Alternatively, get in touch today on 0118 958 2839, our friendly team are always happy to assist you with expert garden canopy advice. You can also contact us online, by filling in our online contact form for a quick response.

Solid Conservatory Roof

Which Conservatory Roof?

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Which conservatory roof should you choose as a homeowner? We here at Abbey offer a variety of conservatory roofs and options that are available to homeowners that are looking for a new conservatory or perhaps want to breathe new life into an existing conservatory already attached to your property. Such styles and options include Solid Conservatory Roof, Tiled Conservatory Roof, Ultrasky Flat Skylight, Ultrasky Roof Lanterns, Conservatory Roof Replacements and Conservatory Refurbishment. Whatever your choice, we understand that choosing a new conservatory roof option can make oneself ask a lot of questions they may not have the answers to, such as ‘how thermally efficient is it?’, ‘is it secure?’ and ‘can it be bespoke to me?’. All these questions and more will be properly elucidated below, helping you decide which conservatory roof is best for you as a homeowner.

Solid Conservatory Roof

Are you looking for a state of the art conservatory roof? Our solid conservatory roof may be for you. Our solid roof conservatories come from our partner Ultraframe, who are known for their outstanding quality and performance of all their products. With Ultraframe providing your solid conservatory roof, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about the worst of British weather anytime soon. Expertly designed to resist the very worst of storms and keeping your property draught free. A solid conservatory roof is also known to be thermally efficient, capable of trapping and retaining heat inside your home, keeping it comfortably warm without the need to switch on the central heating. Enjoy an incredibly resilient conservatory roof that will keep your new living space warm, cosy and dry.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Looking for the sturdiness and resiliency of the aforementioned solid conservatory roof but want to be able to include a partially glazed roof? Perhaps a tiled conservatory roof is for you. Also sourced from Ultraframe, we guarantee our valued customers the very best when it comes to conservatory roofs. Want to enjoy additional thermal performance whilst making sure that your new extension remains as durable and strong as ever? We can help with that. We tailor our conservatory roofs specifically to you. We can make the tiles of your conservatory roof match the style of your home, creating a seamless addition and natural extension of your property. Tiled conservatory roofs can offer a variety of tiling options that allow for a bespoke conservatory roof which includes: spotlights for a natural inflow of natural light, integrated speakers to jam out to your favourite playlist or a flat panel at the apex of the roof to create a pendant light.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Already own a conservatory, but it isn’t performing as well as it could, or perhaps you own an older design of a conservatory and feel it needs a new lease of life? Perhaps instead of purchasing a whole new conservatory, why not simply go for our replacement conservatory roof option? As an affordable alternative to replacing an entire conservatory. Refresh an older conservatory with a replacement conservatory roof, making it look, feel and perform like new again. Enjoy a high-quality home solution without the high-quality price attached. Our replacement conservatory roofs offer fantastic insulation and thermal performance that can easily turn an outdated design of an older conservatory into a much more hospitable and comfortable living space. Many older conservatories are often plagued by inefficient thermal performance, meaning that they can become quite uncomfortably hot and cold during the Summer and Winter, respectively, making a conservatory only usable for about only half a year. Whereas installing a replacement conservatory roof can easily remedy such faults thanks to its versatility and thermally efficient design, being available in such styles such as glass roofs, aluminium roofs and tiled roofs, fitting any existing conservatory regardless of its style and age.

Which conservatory roof should you choose as a homeowner? We would argue that it depends. The wants and needs of each homeowner are drastically different, meaning that whilst we do suggest one type of conservatory roof in particular, we suggest picking the conservatory roof option that best applies the most to your personal specifications and desires. Looking to renew your current conservatory, go for a replacement conservatory roof. Want to add a bespoke skylight for a natural influx of sunlight? Maybe a tiled conservatory roof is for you. Or perhaps you just a sturdy yet stylish barrier that will protect your conservatory from any weather, a solid conservatory roof it is then. Want to find out more about our conservatory roofs? Try our free quoting engine or contact us today.

Solid Conservatory Roof

Are Solid Roof Conservatories Worth it?

By | Expert Articles

Are Solid Roof Conservatories Worth it?

Are solid roof conservatories worth it? We will be discussing the advantages of a solid roof conservatory and what they can bring to your property, and how they can improve your quality of life at home. A solid roof conservatory does what it says on the tin; it is a house extension with a solid roof that creates a durable and resilient barrier against weather as opposed to glass roof designs. However, at Abbey Conservatories, our solid roof conservatories do far more than ‘what it says on the tin’, as our designs are state of the art.

Such a claim is backed up by our partnership with Ultraframe who are renowned for producing solid roof conservatories that boast excellent quality and performance. As such, a solid roof conservatory can really offer outstanding style and functionality for any home. They are perfect for those worried about harsh weather. Designed to protect your conservatory from the worst of storms in the UK, they will keep your living space dry and draught free. Enjoy a practical living space as your solid roof conservatory withstands and repels any downpour as it is manufactured to the highest standards by experts, ensuring that every detail is not only exact but can offer a range of options for the homeowner to use.

Thermal Performance

Are solid roof conservatories worth it? For those looking for a warm and cosy living space all year round, we say yes. We recommend our solid roof conservatories for their unmatched thermal performance. Ensure you are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as your solid roof conservatory provides shade and protection., which is especially helpful when the heat decides to get overbearing during the hotter seasons. Conversely, during the colder seasons, you can enjoy a warm and cosy interior as our solid roof conservatories have been designed to trap and retain heat, keeping the inside of your home toasty without the need or cost of turning on the central heating.

Versatile Customisation

Versatility goes hand in hand when it comes to a solid roof conservatory. The beauty of our Ultraframe profiles is that they can be specially tailored to complement and be compatible with any property style. Create a natural and seamless extension of your home as your new conservatory matches your property’s aesthetics as it blends in, giving it the look and feel of an orangery or house extension. This is done through our wide range of colour options, which allows you to colour the tiles of your solid roof conservatory to match, or if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can opt to have a different colour to make your conservatory roof feel that more unique. The structure of your solid roof conservatory is precision-engineered to allow for extremely flexible customisation, giving you total freedom on how you want to approach your solid roof conservatory, perfect for those looking for a new extension or simply want to renovate their existing conservatory with a more modern roof replacement. Your finished conservatory upgrade will look as though it was made for your home and is just part of its organic architecture.

The interior of our solid roof conservatories is unrivalled in terms of stunning aesthetics. We utilise a plastered ceiling that has an attractive internal pelmet that follows the perimeter of the room. You can create beautiful lighting effects that dot the living space with spotlights, giving your interior a calmer and more refined feel. Turn your new solid roof conservatory space into a new room for whatever you feel, be it a new dining room or social area for friends and guests to mingle as they enjoy the discreet installation of speakers, jazzing up your new extension.

If you want to, you can also choose to add a flat panel at the apex of the roof.  This is fantastic for inserting downlights or installing pendant lights to create a bright and light space or for enhancing the mood of the room.

Garden Rooms

Our solid roof conservatories make for fantastic garden rooms. Your extension is capable of having plenty of glass panels that allow for beautiful sightlines that give you a completely unobscured look into your back garden. Said glass panels can allow for natural sunlight to shine through, illuminating your interior, making it feel even bigger and wider. A perfect spot for a homeowner who may just want to relax with a warm beverage and admire the view.

Are solid roof conservatories worth it? Not only do they come with the benefits of a standard conservatory, but a solid roof conservatory also boasts the invaluable perks of a solid roof that can be applied to newly fitted conservatories or even renovate any pre-existing conservatory for those looking to spruce up any older extensions of theirs. Enjoy the added advantages of a weatherproof roof, versatile customisation, vast sightlines and peerless aesthetics, both interior and exterior. Are solid roof conservatories? If you are a homeowner looking for a reliable extension or need an update on an existing one, we say yes.

Get in touch with Abbey to choose a unique conservatory that can add value to your home today.

You can use our online design tool to discover our range of options, fill in our online contact form to ask us any questions, or speak to us directly over the phone by calling 01189 582 839.

conservatory add value

How Much Value Does A Conservatory Add?

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A conservatory can add at least 5% to your home’s value, meaning expanding your home might not be so expensive in the long run. Nowadays, people are looking for bigger homes. With people spending more time at home, they want more space to use and enjoy. And, still, the best way of adding that space to your property is by investing in a conservatory.

With a well-built conservatory, you’ll get a brand-new room you can use every day. Not only that, you can use it comfortably. Modern designs are far more efficient than older builds, meaning they’ll be warmer throughout the day and the year. When the winter comes around, your new space will stay warm. When the summer returns, though, your space will be cool as well.

At Abbey, you can make sure you get a well-built conservatory that will add value to your home. Our designs have competitive prices, high-quality materials and quick and easy installations. Working with Ultraframe, a market leader, we can offer conservatories that set the standard. As a result, you’ll be able to get more for your home if you ever decide to move on.

add value with conservatoryHow Does a Conservatory Add Value?

With a new conservatory, you can add value to your home in several ways. You’ll have more space for a start, meaning you have more room to enjoy your living space. You could use your conservatory for multiple unique purposes, too. For example, you could design a home office, a social space or even a dining area. You can even customise your conservatory around your needs.

Your conservatory will also stand the test of time to add value to your home for decades to come. Our designs have premium-grade materials, such as advanced double glazing, resilient profiles, and options like solid and tiled roofing and brickwork walls. Because of this, a brand-new conservatory could last for decades, and that’s without regular maintenance. As a result, your new space will always look its best.

Finally, your conservatory can add value to your home from day one. Although it’ll help save you money in the long run, it can also save you money straight away. Our conservatories are energy efficient, meaning you can cut your energy usage while keeping warm inside your home. As a result, you can reduce your household bills and potentially save thousands over the years!

How Much Value Does a Conservatory Add?

But how much does a conservatory add value to your home? It usually depends on a range of factors in the design. One of them is the amount of glazing. Builds with a lot of glass look more modern, appealing to style-conscious homeowners. With Abbey’s conservatories, you can afford to have plenty of glass, though. Our double glazing can keep you warm while allowing natural light to pour into your home.

Another factor is in what direction you build your conservatory. If your home is east or west-facing, then that means sunlight will enter your space at different times of the day. However, if you choose a south-facing design, you’ll consistently get more light during daylight hours. As a result, a south-facing conservatory is highly sought after, meaning they could add even more value to your home.

But the build quality is usually the most important way to make sure your new conservatory can add value. With the right materials and elegant design, you can get a space that looks stunning for decades. As a result, you could add upwards of 5% to your home’s value, meaning you could benefit from increasingly high offers to help you find the perfect new home.

how much value does a conservatory add

How Does an Abbey Conservatory Add Value?

With Abbey, you can make sure you get a conservatory that can add the most value to your home. And, as a trusted local installer, we try to provide a service you’ll value as well. We can offer our high-quality conservatories at lower prices for your home. With fewer travel costs, shorter wait times and more personalised service, you can find the best way to invest in a new conservatory with us.

Not only that, we guarantee you’ll get a well-built conservatory. We work closely with Ultraframe, meaning we can offer their full range of designs, styles and customisable features. As a result, you can build a bespoke conservatory with us that can add even more value to your home right now. You can design it around a specific purpose and your home’s style for a seamless fit.

Finally, Abbey’s local installers make the whole process of expanding your home more valuable. You can rely on them to treat your home as they would their own, and they’ll always go the extra mile to help. We’ll manage your whole project, from design and planning permission right through to completion. We’ll work around your schedule, too, to minimise stress and hassle.

An Abbey Conservatory Can Add Value to Your Home

Get in touch with Abbey to choose a unique conservatory that can add value to your home today.

You can use our online design tool to discover our range of options, fill in our online contact form to ask us any questions, or speak to us directly over the phone by calling 01189 582 839.

why do conservatories get condensation

Why Do Conservatories Get Condensation?

By | Expert Articles

Why do conservatories get condensation? If you have one of these spaces in your home, then you might see a mist build up on the windows, doors or roof from time to time. When condensation emerges, though, it’s a sign your conservatory isn’t performing. Not only that, the mist can develop into something much worse if left unchecked.

Condensation can build up in your home for various reasons. Your space might have poor air circulation, it could be humid or damp, or parts of your design may not be thermally efficient. You can prevent it in many ways, such as with extractor fans, hairdryers, or simply opening the windows and doors more often. However, these solutions only have a limited effect and may not repair the root issues causing condensation.

At Abbey Conservatories, we create conservatories for your home that don’t get condensation for decades. With more durable materials in the design, advanced technology and a weatherproof build, you can prevent the mist from building up in your home. And, as we’re a trusted local installer, you can get shorter wait times and lower prices for a replacement conservatory with us!

conservatories condensationHow Do Conservatories Get Condensation?

Conservatories can get condensation for several reasons. One cause of this issue is how you might use your conservatory. If you don’t use it very often, or you use it to hang out laundry, then air and moisture can collect inside your space with no way of escaping. As a result, you could be creating the warm, damp conditions that condensation can thrive in.

How you decorate your space may also be causing issues. Carpet flooring, for example, can allow heat to collect more inside your space. Not only that, features like plants can draw in moisture, meaning that they could create condensation when they’re close to your windows. Opening the windows and removing plants from sensitive areas can go a long way to fixing these problems, though.

However, your conservatory could have more serious issues, which are causing condensation to build up. Your windows may not be thermally efficient, meaning they can allow for heat transfer. When this happens, hot and cold air collide more often around your window, and this is what causes the mist to emerge. It could even emerge inside your window if you have broken seals, which will necessitate a window replacement.

condensation in conservatoriesHow to Prevent Condensation in Conservatories

If condensation develops in your conservatory, there are a few ways you can remove it and prevent it. Firstly, you should make sure there are no moisture sources near your windows or doors. You could remove plants nearby or draw moisture away by investing in silica gel to absorb water and keep it from your windows.

Alternatively, you could improve your air circulation. During the day, it can help to open the windows and doors more often and more widely. You’ll be able to allow fresh air to enter your space. If that still doesn’t prevent condensation, you could also invest in an extractor fan or dehumidifier which keeps air moving even when your windows and doors are shut.

If condensation does build up, you can also use a hairdryer to remove it quickly. However, that, and none of the other solutions, solve the root problems of condensation. If you have an old conservatory, then it doesn’t protect you from the design. Your windows may have gaps and cracks, your doors may have warped out of shape, and the roof could be thin and fragile.

replacement conservatoriesPreventing Condensation in Conservatories For Good

If you want to kick condensation away from your home, the best way is to invest in brand-new conservatories. With a modern design, you’ll get energy efficient windows, doors and roofs that don’t suffer from condensation. You’ll get advanced double glazing, weatherproof profiles and durable sealants that won’t warp, crack, twist or rot for decades to come.

Not only that, you can get a new space for your home that’s warmer, brighter and safer than your old one. Double glazing can improve your home’s insulation to help you save money on your energy bills. You could also transform the way you enter your garden with sliding or bi-fold doors. You could choose durable solid or tiled roofs with unique colours, lighting and even skylights and roof lanterns as well!

With Abbey, you can also replace conservatories for much less. As a trusted local installer, we can offer lower prices and shorter wait times than the big national brands. We’re also proud to be Ultra Approved Installers, and we only supply conservatories from Ultraframe. Our market-leading designs can help you make a fantastic investment in your home.

Replacement Conservatories to Stop Condensation Prices

Get one of Abbey’s replacement conservatories for your home today, and stop condensation for good!

You can use our online quote builder to design a unique space for your home that’s fully bespoke to you! You’ll get a personalised price for the design in seconds once you decide on it, too.

Alternatively, call Abbey’s friendly team on 01189 582 839 or fill in our online contact form to find out more.

conservatory to orangery conversion

Conservatory to Orangery Conversion – How and Why

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Should you get a conservatory to orangery conversion? If you have an old conservatory, you might feel like it isn’t right for your home. These spaces can become cold in the winter and hot in the summer, making them difficult to use. Not only that, but they might be starting to wear down, or they could look tired with old designs like carpets and curtains.

Because of this, a lot of people think about replacing the build with a brand-new conservatory. However, while these modern designs perform much better, they might not give you the insulation you’re looking for. Glass still fills 75% or more of the design, meaning you can be exposed to the elements. Problems like glare and the greenhouse effect can affect many builds.

However, with Abbey, you could go in a different direction for your home. You could turn your conservatory from an old build to a stunning new space with an orangery conversion. By turning it into an orangery, you can add stunning brickwork, unique roofing and more to your conservatory. Also, with Abbey, you can create a bespoke orangery conversion for a competitive price!

Why Switch from a Conservatory to an Orangery?

If you have a conservatory, then switching it to a new space with an orangery conversion can be very beneficial. That’s because your conservatory could have several issues. For example, it might get cold in winter and hot in summer. That’s usually because the build has only one pane of thin glass in the walls and roofing, allowing air to pass inside the build with ease.

Not only that, but a single layer of glass doesn’t protect against the sun. As a result, on hot summer days, sunlight can get into your space and bounce off all the glass, creating glare and an uncomfortable greenhouse effect. While you could get a new build or enhance your old one, you might not be able to fix these problems either.

Also, conservatories don’t offer you a lot of privacy. With over 75% of the design being glass, your home can feel exposed. While you could replace the glass with obscured options, it still doesn’t give you full peace of mind at times. However, by switching your conservatory to an orangery, you can get a space that uses more durable materials to give you more control inside your home.

Conservatory conversionBenefits of Orangery Conversion

With an orangery conversion, you could transform the way you use your home. Orangeries are classic designs which come from the Georgian era. Originally, these spaces were symbols of status, ideal as extensions to stately homes. Not only that, they were popular in Europe to let homeowners enjoy the sun. Now, though, you can enjoy that feeling inside your home.

Your orangery will be thermally efficient, thanks to panels of double glazing and durable brickwork. Not only that, but the brickwork will protect you from the elements, preventing water from seeping in. High winds are less likely to weaken the structure, and you can improve your home’s security too. You could choose sliding and bi-fold doors with multi-point locking systems that are anti-crowbar designs.

An orangery conversion is also incredibly stylish. You can benefit from classic features like roof cornices to give your new space an elegant look. With a roof lantern, you can also add a vaulted glass skylight inside a solid roof for a perfect blend of light and warmth. You could even colour match the brickwork to your existing property, creating a more natural connection to your home!

Conservatory to Orangery Conversion Cost

A conservatory to orangery conversion can cost anywhere between £20,000-100,000. While that may seem steep, though, those prices are with the big national brands. Those companies have larger overheads, meaning they’ll charge you more to cover them. Not only that, they can take ages to install the space, leaving you waiting for weeks or even months.

With Abbey Conservatories, though, you could cut the cost of a conservatory to orangery conversion. We can offer conversions for under £20,000, as can many local suppliers. Also, it could even cost less than building a brand-new conservatory for your home! That way, you’ll be making a better investment with a local installer in your area.

At Abbey, we’ve made the conservatory to orangery conversion one of our premium installations. We have years of experience in carrying them out for our valued customers. And, as a trusted, local installer, our team will install them made-to-measure for your home in less time. We’re also members of Checkatrade, ensuring you’ll get a quality conversion for your home.

orangery conversionConservatory to Orangery Conversions with Abbey

If you’d like to switch your old conservatory to an orangery with a conversion from Abbey, get in touch today!

With our online quote builder, you can find out just how much our conversions will cost. You could also choose bespoke features for your build to personalise it to your home.

If you’d like to hear more, Abbey’s friendly team is always available too. Reach out to us today using our online contact form or by calling 01189 582 839 to ask us anything!

Why Are Conservatory Foundations Important?

By | Expert Articles

why are conservatory foundations important

When considering a new conservatory, it is extremely important to speak to your chosen installer about conservatory foundations and the process included with this. Unlike windows, doors and other home improvement solutions, conservatories cannot be installed to your home from the ground up. Careful planning around structural stability is essential. This is because conservatories are an extension of your home and require the same structural stability. Not having the right base under your conservatory can lead to serious problems developing over time. This can be dangerous and extremely expensive to rectify.

Conservatory foundations work by supporting the weight of the build. This is extremely important, as, without them, your new conservatory could face deformation if there are any changes in the land around your home. This land is usually soil and varies in strength depending on where you live and many other factors. If this soil is wet, building straight on it without conservatory foundations can cause problems later on. Without foundations, your conservatory will lack stability, suffer from deformation, and fall victim to water damage including rot and decay.

Getting conservatory foundations right can be a tricky process. This is why it is so important to work with the right installer. Working with an inexperienced installer may mean they lay the footings too shallow or that they use the wrong foundation type for your situation. As mentioned, problems relating to foundations can be extremely expensive to fix and detrimental to the structural stability of your conservatory. Do it once and do it properly with an experienced installer.

Types of Foundations

There are many different types of conservatory foundations. An installer such as ourselves will choose with type of foundation is best suited to your home and the land being built on. An expert installer will be able to make this decision after assessing the building site and seeing the results of a technical survey. A technical survey provides detailed blueprints of the land around and under your home. This is particularly useful as it makes us aware of any unseen piping that we should avoid when digging footings.

Traditional footings are the most common type of conservatory foundation. Footings are strong support beams that lodge deep into the ground underneath your build. They work to provide resistance against extreme weather conditions and last for decades. This makes them extremely reliable.

Many traditional conservatories also feature a dwarf wall. A dwarf wall is a small brickwork base that supports a build from underneath. Brickwork is extremely durable thanks to its weatherproof qualities, stopping any water from seeping beneath the build. This wall also raises your space higher off the ground for added structural stability and strength.

Both of these foundation solutions have been trialled and tested for years, making them both viable options. However, like anything, they also have their setbacks. If you are an avid gardener or live in a highly vegetated area, it may be hard to dig up the ground without causing damage to any plants or trees. This is where more modern conservatory foundation solutions come in handy.

Modern bases use concrete and steel pads instead of traditional footings. They do not require any digging at all, leaving any vegetation roots or piping undisturbed. Strip foundations are another alternative, lodging in at a thickness of only 150mm.

At Abbey, our expert team will assess your situation and find a foundation solution that works best for your home and the build area.

Local Authority Rules

If you are looking to have a new conservatory added to your property, there are strict local authority rules that need to be met. This includes specific requirements on foundations. In order to have your new build approved, you will need to meet these requirements.

Local authority requirements depend on where you live and change from council to council. Make sure that you check what rules and regulations apply to you and your local area before you start the installation process. If the land you are hoping to build your new conservatory on has any weak patches that could lead to a future issue or failure, your build will not be permitted. There can also not be any imported soil or ‘made ground’ in the area.

Luckily for you, an experienced installer can make meeting local authority rules a lot easier. They understand what local regulations are in place, and how to meet them.

Conservatory Foundations With Abbey

If you are looking to expand your home and would like a brand new conservatory, we here at Abbey can help. With over 30 years of experience within the home improvements industry, we have managed to build and install many conservatories to homes across the Berkshire area. With this, we have the expertise to install conservatory foundations carefully and correctly. With meticulous planning, we always make sure to build conservatories with the right foundations for each customer’s situation.

By working with Abbey, you will benefit from shorter wait times and low travel costs. This is because as your local trusted installer, we are only a short distance away from your home. This being said, with such quick and efficient service does not come a lack of quality. We promise our customers durable conservatory foundations that will operate with ease for a lifetime, as well as bespoke conservatories to meet your needs.

While our foundations are designed to perform to the highest standards, so are our conservatories. By working with market leading manufacturers we are able to provide our valued customers with high functioning conservatories that add value to any property they are installed to. Our designs are extremely energy efficient, highly secure, weather resistant and sound insulating. Enhance your home in every way, adding value. With such durable foundations, these superior levels of performance are sure to be experienced for an entire lifetime.

By working with a trusted local installer such as Abbey, you will benefit from a stress and hassle free build. We will deal with all the with the bits that you don’t need to, such as local authorities and technical surveys, so that you can focus on the fun design aspects with help from our team. Feel reassured knowing that we are members of the regulatory body, FENSA. With this you will receive proof that your new installation including our windows and doors complies with building regulations, is registered with the local council and is backed by guarantee insurance. You only get this type of reassurance with a FENSA Approved Installer, such as ourselves.

why are conservatory foundations importantConservatory Prices

If you are looking to have a new conservatory installed to your home, do it properly and do it once with correct conservatory foundations with Abbey.

By using our online design tool you can follow the step by step process, creating your dream installation. At the end of the easy to follow process you will receive a price tailored to your needs. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you would like more information about our conservatories or foundations, please do not hesitate to get in touch. By filling out our online form or calling us directly on 01189 582 829, a friendly member of our team can answer any questions you may have.

Can You Turn A Conservatory Into An Extension?

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Whether you have just moved into a home with an existing conservatory, or you have an outdated conservatory, you may want to convert it into an extension. This is completely possible, however there are a few steps you must consider first!

can you turn a conservatory into an extension

While a conservatory is an expansion of your home creating extra living space, it often stands out and is clearly a separate addition. A house extension is seen as a true expansion of your property. It can be either single or double-storey and is often the solution for outgrowing your home.

Both conservatories and extensions have their benefits and are selected by homeowners for many different reasons. While conservatories are more affordable, house extensions often perform to higher standards and seamlessly blend with your home. They can be tailored to meet your every need, where conservatory designs may be more restricted.

A renown issue with conservatories is poor performance related to age. As a conservatory gets older, you may start to experience heat extremes. In the summer your conservatory may be too hot to use, and in the winter, it is too cold. While a new roof is usually the solution to this issue, you may want to turn your conservatory into an extension. By doing this you can create additional space that is designed to meet your family’s needs. As an extension is built to exist in harmony with your existing home, they are much more thermally efficient, secure and weather resistant than conservatories.

Benefits of a House Extension

As mentioned, a house extension does not face the issues that are regularly experienced with a conservatory. They operate as part of your home, retaining heat and keep what matters most protected. Although more expensive than a conservatory, they are much more durable and offer a hoard of benefits to your living space.

A house extension adds far more value to your property than a conservatory. Whether you are adding a new kitchen, dining room, living room, home office or playroom, your house is sure to be worth far more than what you bought it for should you ever choose to move to a new home and sell. Adding any square footage to a home is guaranteed to boost its value!

As an extension is created using true building materials, including higher proportions of brickwork, they are extremely thermally efficient. With this, you will experience warmer temperatures all year round, no matter how cold it gets. The inclusion of robust double glazing adds a further layer of insulation. By benefiting from a naturally warmer home, you will find yourself using less central heating. Experience cheaper heating bills, saving you money for years to come.

Where a conservatory is usually separated from the rest of your home via internal doors, a house extension flows naturally from the rest of your living space. As you benefit from extra living space you will find yourself enjoying being at home more. What’s more, an extension can be two storeys, adding to your upstairs space. If you are a growing family this means the chance of adding additional bedrooms and bathrooms without having to uproot and move to a new home.

top uses for a garden roomWhat to Consider When Turning a Conservatory into an Extension

If you are looking to turn your conservatory into an extension it is important to check what local authority regulations are in place. It is extremely important that this is thoroughly checked as any structure that does not meet regulations may face being taken down.

Depending on your local council and the build of your conservatory, you may need to attain new planning permission to change your conservatory into an extension. At Abbey, we will make sure to research into local authority regulations and submit a planning application where needed. This ensures that we are abiding by the correct regulations.

Working With a Trusted Local Installer

Here at Abbey, we have over 30 years of experience within the home improvement industry. With this, we have been able to perfect our techniques and develop an understanding of how complex builds such as a house extension works. Such experience is crucial – if you work with an inexperienced installer you are at risk of serious complications further down the line. Whether these complications are with local authorities, foundations or structure issues, they can be costly and difficult to fix.

This is why it is so important to partner with a trusted local installer that you can rely on to look into all aspects of a build. Here at Abbey, we can offer you short wait times, low travel costs and unmatched expertise. By working with market leading manufacturers we can promise you that the final product will be extremely durable and high performing while meeting strict building regulations.

Benefit from a stress and hassle-free build, as we are here to deal with all technical aspects. All you will need to worry about is figuring out what your new space will be used for. This way you can liaise with our design team, creating your dream installation that you and your family can use all year round.

House Extension Prices

It is no secret that house extensions are much more expensive than conservatories. This is because of the nature of the build and the number of materials involved. This being said, an extension is a worthwhile investment that will pay off for years to come. It is also a much cheaper alternative than moving to a new home. As you find yourself and your family using your new space every single day, you will never look back!

Turning a conservatory into an extension can vary in price depending on how big your existing conservatory is, and how big you would like to replacement extension to be. The price will be dependent on how much of the existing structure needs to be knocked down and how much needs to be replaced.

If you would like to receive a quote for your current conservatory being turned into a house extension, please get in touch today. Here at Abbey we are always up for a challenge and take pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations. By leaving as much information on our online contact form we will be able to get back to you quickly with a response.

If you are interested in either a new conservatory or house extension, you may want to take a look at our online designer tool. Here you can follow the step by step process, designing your dream installation. At the end of the process, you will be presented with a price tailored to your specifications.

If you would like to find out more about how we can turn your conservatory into an extension, or simply have some questions to ask, please do not hesitate to call us on 0118 958 2839. Our friendly team are always happy to help in any way possible!


top uses for a garden room

Top Uses For a Garden Room

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What are the top uses of a garden room? There are more than you might think for one of these stylish, versatile spaces. If you’ve wanted to use your garden more often or more comfortably, then a garden room is ideal. You’ll be adding a room surrounded by nature, but durable enough to withstand it at its worst with weatherproof materials and excellent insulation.

Because of this, a garden room offers far more than a typical shed or shelter. You could use it as a reading room, a social space, or a way of getting away from the stresses of daily life. And, as it’s a part of your garden, it’ll be a freestanding structure which you can style to suit the outdoors rather than the indoors.

With Abbey, you could add a garden room to your home that you can use for a variety of purposes. One of these builds could make the rest of your home more spacious and less cramped, giving you more room to use.

However, as a separate structure, it’ll be like a home away from home, and a space to unwind. You can design a garden room to be small and cosy, or expansive and bright. That way, you could find uses for it that might surprise you. And, with Abbey, you’ll get a garden room for less and with a brilliant service. We’re a trusted local installer with over 30 years of experience!

garden room home officeGarden Room Home Offices

Finding the right space to focus can be difficult in a cluttered home. However, if you need space to knuckle down and work, you don’t need to build a conservatory or an extension. Instead, one of the top uses for a garden room these days is as a home office.

Although they’re freestanding structures, you can connect garden rooms to electricity, meaning you’ll have no issue installing a PC and other work equipment. Additionally, your garden room will be private and quiet, with excellent sound insulation to keep distractions well away. As many of us spend a lot more time indoors, a garden room home office is the perfect way to be productive.

Also, you can free up room in your existing home. If you already work from home, then you can remove a desk from a cramped area, helping you revitalise another space. You could expand your living room with new furniture, or extend your social space for you and your guests to enjoy your home more freely.

And, with a garden room home office, you can design your dream workstation. You can get a new desk to match a timber or woodgrain exterior and interior, and you can also invest in smart storage for files. That way, you can keep your work life and your home life separate – but with a much shorter commute.

garden room costsGarden Rooms for Hobbies

Pursuing some passions can take up a lot of space. However, with a garden room, you can design an area to suit any hobby you might have, and keep it away from the rest of your home. One of the top uses for a garden room is as a hobby space for sports, arts, or something else entirely.

For example, you could create an area for pool, darts or even table tennis if you have friends over, or you could put musical instruments in there if you’d like to practice in privacy. Thanks to the impressive insulation of modern garden rooms, you can do it comfortably as well, without feeling cold even in the winter months.

Additionally, a garden room is a perfect place to tinker. If you like building, inventing or fixing, then a garden room gives you a specialised space to do it without taking up more room in your home. That means you’ll have the area you need to fulfil your passions, without them getting in the way of anybody else’s room.

With Abbey’s garden rooms, you can also enjoy your hobbies securely. You’ll get sturdy walls and the choice of secure windows and doors with double glazing that has multi-point locking systems. Because of this, you can store the things most precious to you safely, giving you total peace of mind.

top uses for a garden room pricesGarden Room Lounges

Finally, finding space to socialise can often be difficult. Not only that but, on a warm day, you can end up being cramped indoors and away from the sun. However, with a garden room, you can create the ideal area for entertaining guests and enjoying the sunshine. One of the top uses for a garden room is as a lounge, giving you and your family a new room to unwind and relax in.

You can install new furniture like sofas and cushions, add a TV with an electricity connection inside the garden room, and add new carpet flooring or rugs for a soft, cosy interior. And, with your garden room, you can customise the dimensions to make it as expansive as you want it to be.

With a garden room, you’ll be able to socialise and relax in comfort too. That’s because these modern designs are highly durable and able to protect you from the worst of the weather. You’ll get a design with fully weatherproof materials, meaning wind and rain won’t cause your room to rot, decay or crack.

Also, you can open up your garden room directly into the outdoors. With the option of sliding and bi-fold doors, which slide away seamlessly to reveal a wide-open gateway to your garden, you’ll feel at one with nature. As a result, you can use your garden more easily and more comfortable, and get that same feeling of freedom and space in the rest of your home as well.

Garden Room Prices

Choose Abbey’s designs, and benefit from the top uses for a garden room in your home today.

You can use our online design tool to pick out your garden room and fully customise it to suit your needs. We’ll provide an instant online price for whatever space you create!

If you’d like any further information or advice, give Abbey’s friendly team a call today on 01189 582 839!

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