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Bespoke Conservatories Wokingham

Bespoke Conservatories Wokingham

By | Bespoke Conservatories Wokingham

Perfect For You – Bespoke Conservatories in Wokingham

Your home improvements are personal to you, so why in fact not reflect your personality in the options you choose?

Our bespoke conservatories in Wokingham are a brilliant option for any property, enabling you to enhance the architecture of the building, add to its character, and create a practical living space that meets your every need and desire.

Abbey Conservatories have a team of expert designers who will happily work with you to create the bespoke conservatory of your dreams.

Read on to discover why bespoke conservatories are fast becoming the Wokingham home improvements of choice.

Bespoke Conservatories Wokingham

Meeting Your Every Need – Designing Bespoke Conservatories

Bespoke conservatories in Wokingham are ideal for almost any property. Our designers will work with you to create a space that is functional, as well as beautiful, to enhance your home.

First, we will look at where you want to install your new conservatory, assessing and measuring the space so that we can create a detailed plan.

Then, we will listen to your plans for your conservatory. Are you going to be using it as a dining room, a home office, a living space, or a playroom perhaps? There are dozens of options available, you might even want a multipurpose room.

We will also discuss the design features that you like, from door styles through to profile finishes, everything will be exactly the way you want it to be.

Bespoke conservatories are specific to you, enabling you to create a dream extension that will be a pleasant and practical space to enhance your property and lifestyle.

Exceptional Quality – Bespoke Conservatories from Ultraframe

Our bespoke conservatories are crafted using the Ultraframe Loggia range. This clever structure offers the most outstanding quality for your new conservatory and combines it with impressive all-around performance.

Bespoke conservatories are expected to meet the same high standards as our regular conservatories, so with the Loggia design, you can expect excellent thermal performance and high security.

In fact, these conservatories are even capable of a Windows Energy Rating of A+12, better than other conservatories in the industry.

We also only offer the most incredible security with all of our installations, so even our bespoke conservatories come with high performance Yale locking systems as standard.

With our bespoke conservatories, you can be confident that your Wokingham home is thoroughly protected against the weather and against potential intruders.

Bespoke Conservatories Wokingham

Bespoke Conservatories with Cutting Edge Technology

Our bespoke conservatories in Wokingham come with excellent benefits. Even the roof is down to you and your tastes.

We offer the Ultraframe RealRoof system which can be matched to the tiles on your property so that your conservatory blends in seamlessly with the existing architecture.

Or perhaps you would prefer a glass roof, in which case there are options for solar control glazing or self-cleaning glass.

Our conservatory roofs are designed to make life more comfortable and your conservatory more enjoyable.

We can even work with you to install beautiful lighting and flooring so that every aspect of your new bespoke conservatory is perfect when we finish.

Bespoke Conservatories in Wokingham from Abbey Conservatories

Choosing Abbey Conservatories for your bespoke conservatory in Wokingham will ensure that you get an installation of the highest quality.

Our experts will be on hand from the first point of contact with advice and guidance that you need.

When it comes to installation, our team are highly trained and experienced, as well as committed to customer service. We will be onsite at the time agreed, and our team will make every effort to keep disruption to the bare minimum.

Throughout the installation, they will ensure that the build is safe and meets the highest quality standards. Upon completion, they will tidy up after themselves, leaving your home in the same neat and clean state that they found it in.

Our entire team, from designers to tradesmen, are here to ensure that your installation is absolutely perfect and meets the very highest standards. With Abbey Conservatories, you can expect an exceptional and efficient installation experience.

Bespoke Conservatories Wokingham

Bespoke Conservatory Prices in Wokingham

Bespoke conservatories come in a range of prices completely tailored to your Wokingham home improvements.

You can get an idea of our conservatory prices with our online quoting engine. For more information or a guide price for your bespoke conservatory, we recommend getting in touch with the team.

Our bespoke conservatories are so specific to you and your Wokingham home, that we can only give you an estimate to start with, but our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to discuss this with you.


conservatory prices Thames Valley

Conservatory Prices Thames Valley

By | Conservatory prices Thames Valley

Exceptional Conservatory Prices in Thames Valley

Home improvements do not need cost as much as you would expect. With so many options available, it is easy to tailor your costs to your budget.

Conservatory prices are completely bespoke to you and your requirements, meaning that they are entirely cost effective.

You can create a functional living space with added value to your home, and enhanced aesthetics with a practical and stylish conservatory.

Abbey Conservatories are conservatory experts. We design and install cost effective conservatories throughout the Thames Valley, improving many properties.

We offer a range of options so that you can create the perfect conservatory that complements your property, is functional and is also within your budget.

Read further to find out more about conservatory prices in Thames Valley.

Conservatory Prices Thames Valley

Conservatory Prices in Thames Valley – Cost Effective Extensions

Conservatories in Thames Valley are a far more cost effective home improvement than a traditional, brick built, extension, making them a top choice.

They are even more efficient to install, taking less time and creating less disruption. Conservatory prices are far lower than those of brick built extensions, but, you can benefit in much the same way.

Conservatory Prices – The Performance Features That Will Save Money in the Long Run

Our conservatories use Liniar profiles to help improve the efficiency of your home.

They have a multi-chambered profile to trap air and create a thermal barrier that minimises heat loss and eliminates draughts.

You will benefit from a Windows Energy Rating of A+12, which will help to lower your energy bills. With such incredible thermal performance, your home will need less heating to stay warm.

Our conservatory prices save money on installation, and factor in fantastic savings you could make in the long run.

In addition to this, our uPVC conservatories are a different class of security, achieving the very highest standards. The profiles have hidden strengthening technology, making them more secure without the need for steel. They are also fitted with a state of the art Yale locking system for increased security.

Conservatory Prices Thames Valley

Conservatory Prices in the Thames Valley – Choosing Your Style

Conservatory prices reflect the style and size of your conservatory, enabling you to choose more affordable, minimalist designs, or premium styles with sophisticated features. Even the customisation options, such as colour finishes, and decorative glazing will have an impact on the cost of your conservatories.

Our summaries below show you what is possible with your home improvements, giving you all the inspiration needed.

Lean-To Conservatories

Of all conservatory prices, the lean-to conservatory offers the most value for money. These stylish conservatories will enhance any area of your home, making the most of any unused space. They are ideal for narrow areas and properties with low eaves too, as the design is fantastically versatile. With these conservatories, you will benefit from a functional living space at an affordable price.

Conservatory Prices Thames Valley

Victorian Conservatories

Our Victorian conservatories are one of our most popular options. Easy to install, they offer stylish details such as finials, combined with a traditional three or five-faceted design. Your home will benefit from a classic look that is also practical and cost efficient, ideal for enhancing almost any style of property.

Conservatory Prices Thames Valley

Edwardian Conservatories

These beautiful conservatories give you the benefit of functional living space. They have a square or rectangular shape, which is ideal for dining rooms or home offices. The design is minimalist too, creating a streamlined look that complements any architecture. With these conservatories, you can count on maximum functionality with cost effective conservatory prices.

Conservatory Prices Thames Valley

Gable Conservatories

For a premium option, our gable conservatories are one of the most cost effective. Based on the Edwardian structure, they have a luxury roof shape which replicates the gable end of a house. It provides a striking feature, which will transform your home, giving it an exquisite finish. These conservatories are ideal for when you have plenty of space to develop.

conservatory prices thames valley

P-Shaped Conservatories

Another luxury option is the P-shaped conservatory. These conservatories can be more expensive. Although they feature the affordable lean-to conservatory and the Victorian conservatory, are usually quite large. Popular with period properties and stately homes, these conservatories offer a multitude of functions all in one space.conservatory prices thames valley

Bespoke Conservatories

If you have an awkward space to fill, or perhaps you simply need a larger than average conservatory, our bespoke conservatories are ideal. These conservatory prices are completely unique to each design.

conservatory prices thames valley

Conservatory Prices Thames Valley

Conservatory prices in Thames Valley by Abbey Conservatories are magnificently affordable to add additional living space with our spectacular conservatories.

Our online quoting engine can give you an idea of costs, or you can contact us for more detailed information. We are happy to help.

Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

By | Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

High Performance Conservatory Roofs in Basingstoke

Making the most of your conservatory is easy with our new conservatory roofs in Basingstoke. These remarkable roofs are high performance, keeping out the weather and keeping warmth within.

Here at Abbey Conservatories, we are conservatory experts and we will help you to decide whether a replacement conservatory or a refurbishment is the best option for your home.

Replacing your conservatory roof is cost effective and simple, so if the general structure is sound, this could be a great option for your Basingstoke home improvements.

Abbey Conservatories are known for being honest, trustworthy and for designing and constructing the very best conservatories in Basingstoke.

Read our guide to conservatory roofs in Basingstoke to discover the options available.

Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

Year Round Benefits with New Conservatory Roofs

One of the most impressive features of choosing a new conservatory roof for your home improvements is that it can make your conservatory a year round living space.

If your conservatory is too cold in the winter, or draughty when the wind blows, our insulated conservatory roofs could improve its thermal performance in countless ways.

You will benefit from heat loss being minimised, as well as a complete draught and leak free roof.

If in the summer, your conservatory suffers from the oven effect which makes in unbearable to use, then choose our high performance solar reflective glass. Our range will help to reduce the heat coming into your conservatory via the sun.

Our conservatory roofs in Basingstoke come in many options to enhance your experience of your living space and make it a practical and comfortable area to enjoy whatever the weather.

Have a Complete Upgrade with Conservatory Roofs in Basingstoke

Replacement conservatories can be an expensive option for your home improvements, so if you are looking for a more affordable way to enhance your living space, then we can help.

At Abbey Conservatories, we offer a range of conservatory roofs, and we can also upgrade and renovate the existing frame, giving your conservatory a new lease of life.

Conservatory roofs and upgrades are the ideal options for value for money home improvements, and they will refresh your conservatory in so many ways. You will benefit from the additional space once more.

Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

So Much Choice! – Conservatory Roofs to Suit Your Basingstoke Home

As with conservatory installations, every Basingstoke customer has their tastes and requirements, as well as a property that has its individual character.

Choosing a new conservatory roof that completely blends in with your property and reflects your personality is so easy too.

With Abbey Conservatories, there is an abundance of options available to you, so that you can create the perfect look and performance that meets your every need.

Take a look at our summaries of the conservatory roofs we offer in Basingstoke for inspiration.

Tiled Roofs

For a roof that transforms your conservatory, making it look more like an extension to your home than a traditional glazed living space, our tiled roofs from Prefix are the perfect remedy. They offer a beautiful and naturally tiled finish which will blend in with your property, and they are incredibly insulating.

Constructed with an aluminium frame, they are light yet sturdy. With two layers of insulation installed between and above the aluminium, you can benefit from incredible, thermal performance.

Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

Glass Roofs

If you want to keep the conservatory look, but you want all the advantages of energy efficiency, security and the latest technology, then our glass roofs are ideal.

Made using the Ultraframe design, they are fantastic for thermal performance and come with a range of options such as solar control and self-cleaning glazing. There are some fabulous styles for conservatory roofs, making them perfect for complementing the design of your existing conservatory.

Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

Aluminium Roofs

Our aluminium roofs are so sought after in Basingstoke, because not only are they high performance, but they also offer the most exquisite style. The ridiculously slim frames allow masses of natural light to flood into your conservatory, making it brighter and giving a feeling of spaciousness.

In addition to this, aluminium roofs come in the widest variety of colour finishes, almost every shade you can think of is available, ideal for a personalised finish.

Conservatory Roofs Basingstoke

Conservatory Roofs Prices in Basingstoke

Conservatory roofs are a great investment for your Basingstoke home improvements. There are so many options available that you are sure to find the right mix of features and styles to suit your tastes and your budget.

Get a free quote by visiting our online quoting engine. Or if you would prefer, contact us as we have a friendly team who will be happy to discuss any of your queries.

Lean-To Conservatory Prices Reading

Lean-To Conservatory Prices Reading

By | Lean-To Conservatory Prices Reading

Impressive Lean-To Conservatory Prices in Reading

Lean-to conservatories are a popular choice for Reading home improvements, as they are one of the most affordable, yet stylish property enhancements.

These beautiful conservatories can be installed almost anywhere, developing your home and giving you additional space that you can enjoy all year round.

There are so many practical applications of lean-to conservatories that they are truly a grand choice for many home improvements.

Lean-to conservatory prices from Abbey Conservatories are cost effective too, making these conservatories ideal for almost any home improvements budget.

Our guide to lean-to conservatory prices in Reading is here to help you find out more about the benefits and features, which make these conservatories such great value for money. Read on to learn more.

Lean-To Conservatory Prices Reading

Ultimate Style, Cost Effective Lean-To Conservatory Prices

Lean-to conservatory prices in Reading are so affordable that they are ideal for almost any home improvements budget. With these conservatories, you benefit from the fantastic value for money combined with the most beautiful style.

Our lean-to conservatories are constructed using the Liniar uPVC profile, which means that you get so much flexibility in design choices.

You can opt for almost any style of windows and doors for your lean-to conservatory, from the cost effective French doors to the premium bi-fold door. Opening your home has never been easier.

We can also tailor your design with an assortment of colour finishes or woodgrain foils, creating a look that completely complements your property’s architecture and existing double glazing.

There are also many options for additional enhancements such as decorative glazing and accessories to complete the look.

Our lean-to conservatory prices in Reading can accommodate to your budget with the extensive options available for the design.

Lean-To Conservatory Prices: Make the Most of Your Reading Home

Lean-to conservatory prices are also affected by the size and shape of the space you need to fill in your home.

These conservatories are perfect for terraced homes, bungalows and cottages, as they can fill narrow gaps and fit under low eaves, enhancing the appearance and improving the appeal of your property.

If you have a small space alongside your property, as is typical with many semi-detached homes, you can create a functional space that makes an excellent utility room or home office.

One of the countless benefits of lean-to conservatories is that they are so incredibly versatile, and can fit almost anywhere. They create an additional practical space that you can use for virtually any purpose.

They are even ideal for extending your kitchen or living room to create a dining area, as with these conservatories, you can choose almost any size at all.

Lean-To Conservatory prices Reading

Save Money with Lean-To Conservatory Prices and Performance

Our lean-to conservatory prices in Reading are fantastic, but when you add in the money saving features that they offer, it is easy to see why they are considered to be such a cost-effective choice.

The Liniar profile is multi-chambered, which means air is trapped within the frame to create a thermal barrier. This is key to eliminating draughts and minimising heat loss.

In fact, the Liniar profile achieves a Windows Energy Rating of A+12, one of the highest in the industry.

It is not only brilliant for creating a room that you can use even in the depths of winter, but it is also fantastic for your household costs. The thermal performance of our lean-to conservatories means that your home will be warmer for longer, and so you will need to use less heating, saving on your energy costs.

Lean-To Conservatory Prices in Reading – Quality and Security

Choosing Abbey Conservatories for your home improvements gives you the benefit of lean-to conservatory prices in Reading that includes the very best technology and installations that meet the highest standards.

Our lean-to conservatories come with high-security Yale multipoint locking systems as standard. The profiles are internally reinforced, minimising the need for steel. These conservatories are perfect for home protection, keeping you safe and secure.

Lean-to conservatory prices in Reading offer you complete peace of mind as well as outstanding all round performance.

Lean-to Conservatory prices Reading

Lean-To Conservatory Prices in Reading – Get Your Quote

All our lean-to conservatory prices are tailored to your specifications and requirements, making our quotes unique to you.

You can get a personalised guide price with our online quoting engine in an instant. It’s easy to use and takes just a few minutes.

Or you can contact our expert and friendly team who will be happy to help.

Conservatory Bracknell

Modern Conservatories Reading

By | Modern Conservatories Reading

Modern Conservatories for Reading Home Improvements

There are plenty of features and benefits to modern conservatories, which is why they are fast becoming the Reading home improvement of choice. Our Modern conservatories are stronger, more secure and offer incredible thermal performance meaning they perform all year round.

The modern conservatories we offer at Abbey Conservatories feature all the very latest innovations in conservatory design and development, ensuring that our customers benefit from the best of everything.

Why not browse our excellent guide on modern conservatories to find out more?

modern conservatories Reading

Thermally Efficient Modern Conservatories

Traditional conservatories were often constructed from a single glazed profile and topped with a polycarbonate roof.

Therefore on cold days, these conservatories would be full of condensation and so cold, that they were unusable. In the summer, the sun would turn them into an oven, making them so uncomfortable you would prefer to sit in the fresh air outside.

Modern conservatories have been precision engineered to ensure that these experiences are memories.

At Abbey Conservatories, we create our installations with the Liniar uPVC profile. This clever system has a multi-chambered design and is fitted with quality double glazing, making it a bold choice for conservatories.

The excellent Windows Energy Rating of A+12 ensures that heat remains within your living space, even on the coldest of days, making it a comfortable place to be.

You can also opt for our solar control glass and Ultraframe roofs to ensure that in the summer, the oven effect diminishes.

Our modern conservatories in Reading are the perfect solution for your home improvements, providing you with additional living space that you can experience all year round.

Highly Secure Modern Conservatories

Of course, one of the many benefits of modern conservatories is the increased security. Our conservatories are simply outstanding for home protection.

Your old conservatory may well be weak and brittle, making it vulnerable to potential intruders. Our state of the art designs will make your home safer and more secure.

The profiles have hidden strengthening technology, which creates a significantly strong frame, almost impossible to break, and every opening in your conservatory is secure with Yale locks.

Our Yale multipoint locking mechanisms are outstanding, offering the best protection there is for your property. This makes your conservatory much more secure.

You can have complete peace of mind that your Reading home is under full protection with our modern conservatories.

Modern Conservatories Reading

Designed to Meet Your Needs – Modern Conservatories and Customisation

In the past, timber was the primary material of conservatories. This required a lot of upkeep over the years, with the windows and doors consisting of a standard design too.

We customise our modern conservatories towards your needs. We offer a range of window and doors styles, enabling you to enjoy a practical design that meets your every requirement.

In addition to this, our conservatories can be tailored to blend in with your home, with a range of durable finishes and decorative glazing. We can even offer you a selection of hardware choices.

We measure every detail and discuss it with you during the design process so that the conservatory we install is the perfect match for your property and your tastes.

Our styles include:

Lean-To Conservatories

These conservatories are beautiful and great value for money. They can be used in almost any space, allowing you to make the most of your home.

Modern Conservatories Reading

Victorian Conservatories

This classic design comes into the 21st Century with the latest innovations. It is incredibly popular as it blends in well with all types of architecture.

Modern Conservatories Reading

Edwardian Conservatories

Highly practical, the Edwardian conservatory creates an impressive room that you can fill with furniture, creating a glass extension for your Reading home.

Modern Conservatories Reading

Gable Conservatories

The functional shape of the Edwardian style combined with spectacular gable structures creates an eye-catching living space and a real feature for your home.

Modern Conservatories Reading

P-Shaped Conservatories

Ideal for when you have plenty of space, the P-shaped conservatory will enable you to expand your home into your garden with a multi-purpose room.

Modern Conservatories Reading

Bespoke Conservatories

These conservatories are designed just for you, incorporating your every requirement and desire. Perfect for any modern Reading home looking for a unique conservatory.

Modern Conservatories ReadingModern Conservatories Prices in Reading

Modern conservatories in Reading come in a variety of price options, making them ideal for almost any home improvements budget.

Accessing a guide price for your new conservatory is simple too. Either visit our online quoting engine and enter your specification for an idea of costs or get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.

uPVC Conservatories Bracknell

Conservatory Cost Basingstoke

By | Conservatory Cost Basingstoke

Conservatory Cost to Meet Your Basingstoke Budget

Conservatory cost is one of the main deciding factors when looking at conservatories in Basingstoke.

Our conservatories are more cost effective than traditional extensions, yet offer plenty of the same benefits. In addition to this, they are thermally efficient, and highly durable, which could add value to your property.

Conservatory cost is also dependent on the style and size of a conservatory that you choose for your home improvements in Basingstoke. We tailor each price to you.

Abbey Conservatories are specialists in conservatory design and installation. As experts, we can help you to find a conservatory that is the right cost and the right style for your home and requirements.

If you would like a stronger grasp of conservatory cost in Basingstoke, take a look at our guide.

Conservatory Cost Basingstoke

Conservatory Cost – Where to Start

Conservatory cost begins with the base of your conservatory and is something that most people forget while looking at quotes for their home improvements.

We will need to level any uneven ground and create a firm and sturdy base that meets the very highest standards for your new conservatory.

That may be as small or as large as you require it, but your conservatory cost will include the price for this work.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Conservatory Cost in Basingstoke

The choice is yours with great styles to choose from, which you can then customise to your tastes and property with a catalogue of customisation options too.

Conservatory cost depends upon the option you choose, for example, a straightforward, elegant French door could be more affordable than a large bi-fold door.

In addition to this, the actual style of the conservatory could affect the cost. Our conservatory styles are summarised below to give you an idea of the conservatory cost.

Lean-To Conservatories

These fall between the more affordable brackets regarding conservatory cost associated with a standard lean-to conservatory. They are simple to install and can be fitted in almost any space, no matter how small, adding value to your home with their functionality.

Conservatory Cost Basingstoke

Victorian Conservatories

By far the most attractive design, Victorian conservatory cost is fairly mid-range, enabling you to enjoy this classic look for your home. They are staggering as sunrooms, and as a relaxing space to entertain guests, due to the multi-faceted shape that provides fantastic views.

Conservatory Cost BasingstokeEdwardian Conservatories

If you are looking for a working space that you can use as an additional room, perhaps for dining or for working from home, then these conservatories are ideal. They have a square or rectangular shape and a minimalist design that makes them a desirable and more affordable alternative to an extension.

Conservatory Cost BasingstokeGable Conservatories

The Gable conservatory is ideal for practical, yet breath-taking living space. It has the Edwardian structure coupled with a luxury roof that replicates the end of a house. Conservatory cost for this option is at the lower end of the premium range, and they are a spectacular choice.


Conservatory Cost basingstoke

P-Shaped Conservatories

One of our more premium options is the P-shaped conservatory. It is just splendid for period properties and heritage homes where traditional elegance and luxury is required. The large conservatories combine the lean-to with the Victorian for ultimate functionality and style.

Conservatory Cost Basingstoke

Bespoke Conservatories

Conservatory cost in Basingstoke meets your needs, but with our bespoke conservatories, you can enjoy a unique living space that is precisely the way you want it and meets your every need and wish.

Conservatory Cost Basingstoke

uPVC Conservatory Cost in Basingstoke

One of the ways our Basingstoke conservatory cost stays flat is with our exceptional Liniar uPVC profile and incredible Ultraframe roofs.

These ensure that your conservatory is outstanding for thermal performance, saving you money on your energy bills and making a secure investment.

Our conservatories are designed to last for many years to come, giving you incredible performance and all with the bare minimum of maintenance required.

They are an excellent choice for investment in your home that you can enjoy and benefit from year after year.

Conservatory Prices in Basingstoke

Abbey Conservatories are highly competitive when it comes to conservatory prices in Basingstoke, making us a popular choice for installations in the area.

Get a free quote at our online quoting engine or if you would prefer then contact us for more information. Our expert teams are on hand to help you with every aspect of your new conservatory in Basingstoke.

Orangeries Wokingham

Orangeries Wokingham

By | Orangeries Wokingham

Classic Orangeries for Wokingham Home Improvements

Orangeries are one of the most versatile home improvements that you can choose for investing in your Wokingham property. These stunning living spaces add so much to a home.

They are the ideal combination of conservatory and extension, making your home more practical, as well as stylish.

Here at Abbey Conservatories, we are experts in orangeries and conservatories, ensuring that you receive the benefit of extensive knowledge and experience.

Our team will be on hand every step of the way, ensuring that your orangery meets the highest standards and is exactly the way you want it to be.

Take a look at our guide to orangeries in Wokingham and see how your home could benefit from these fantastic living spaces.

Orangeries Wokingham

Orangeries – Easy Additional Space

If you want to extend your property, perhaps to create a dining area, living room, office or playroom, then orangeries make a great solution.

More cost effective than brick built extensions, and more efficient to install, these stunning living spaces have the benefit of a combination of brickwork and extensive glazing.

However, unlike conservatories, with an orangery, you will benefit from more privacy. This is made possible by the brick structure, which enables you to enjoy your new space without being overlooked.

This means that you get a practical, yet bright and spacious room to enjoy all year round, which has been carefully designed to meet your every requirement.

High Quality Orangeries in Wokingham

Our orangeries in Wokingham are created using the Ultraframe LivinRoom system, which means you benefit from luxurious design and outstanding quality.

This tried and tested specialist glazing means that the structure is uniquely created to offer lots of glazed areas combined with traditional brickwork.

Our Ultraframe orangeries are durable and low maintenance, offering quality that lasts. We also offer a range of roof options too, allowing you to open your new space up to the outdoors.

Orangeries Wokingham

High Privacy with Orangeries in Wokingham

Whether you are using your new orangery as a home office where you need peace and quiet, or as a living area where you will entertain guests late into the night, privacy is a must-have feature.

Thanks to the extended brickwork combined with the very best double glazing, your orangery will be far more sound proofed than a traditional conservatory.

This will be ideal for having friends and family over without disturbing your neighbours, or for having a quiet and peaceful area in which you can concentrate on hobbies or work.

Our orangeries are ideal for having all the benefits of a conservatory with the privacy and protection offered by brickwork.

Thermally Efficient Living Spaces with Orangeries

Keeping your living space cosy and comfortable is extremely easy with orangeries in Wokingham. You can enjoy a room that is comfortable all year round.

In the depths of winter, the Windows Energy Ratings of A+12  your new double glazing achieves will make your orangery a warmer place to be.

In the summer, there will be no oven effect as usually associated with conservatories, because although there is extensive glass, your orangery will protect you from glare with the brick structure.

Orangeries Wokingham

Styled to Suit Your Home – Bespoke Orangeries in Wokingham

When we work with you to design your new orangery, we consider every faint detail. The windows and doors will be the perfect match for your property and also functional for you too.

We source our bricks from conventional production sources, but where exact detail is needed, we can offer a bespoke brick matching service. Your new orangery can look as if it has always been a part of your property, blending in seamlessly.

Choose a lantern roof for exceptional style, or we offer a range of lighting options to create a luxury living space in your orangery, completely tailored to you.

Our style and design options will cover every aspect of your new orangery in Wokingham, making it the perfect match for your property and your requirements.

Orangery Prices in Wokingham

Orangeries are one of the most cost effective ways to extend your Wokingham home, making your home improvements practical and affordable.

Our orangery prices are fantastic too, each quote tailored to your exact requirements and choices. Use our online quoting engine for a quick and easy quote or contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Our friendly team is here to give you all the advice and guidance that you need so your home improvements in Wokingham are just right.

Bespoke Conservatories Wokingham

Conservatory Styles Wokingham

By | Conservatory Styles Wokingham

Conservatory Styles: Find the Perfect Match for Your Wokingham Home

Enhancing your home with the additional space of a conservatory is a fantastic idea. Modern conservatories are just as practical as brick built extensions, providing more living space that you can use all year round.

There are many conservatory styles for you to choose from, ensuring that you benefit from the perfect style to complement your property, and to suit your tastes.

Our stunning styles at Abbey Conservatories, cover all possible preferences, ensuring you get the new conservatory that you have always dreamed of for your home.

Take a look at our guide to conservatory styles in Wokingham and find your perfect match.

Conservatory Styles – The Victorian Design

Let’s start with the most popular of all conservatory styles in Wokingham, the Victorian conservatory.

These beautiful conservatories offer so much elegance and charm and are seen throughout the country.

They have stylish finials that draw the eye to the delicate trim, and they have a unique shape, that gives stunning all round views.

Victorian conservatories can be three or five faceted, depending on the space you have and your preferences, creating a functional sun room for you to enjoy.

Conservatory Styles WokinghamConservatory Styles in Wokingham – Edwardian Conservatories

As conservatories go, the Edwardian conservatory is one of the most practical. These conservatories come in a square or rectangular shape, making them ideal for filling with furniture.

They are superb for home offices, living areas and dining rooms, enhancing your home with a functional room.

They have a minimalist style, which offers streamlined beauty, making them ideal for any type of property, modern or traditional.

Conservatory Styles WokinghamLean-To Conservatory Styles in Wokingham

One of the most versatile conservatory for your home, is the lean-to conservatory. These clever designs can fit into almost any space, realising the potential of even the most awkward areas in your garden.

They lean up against your house, so are ideal for properties with low eaves such as bungalows, or narrow homes like terraced properties.

They can be used to extend your kitchen, create a new living area, as a side extension to your property, even as a utility room. They are truly adaptable to almost any requirement.

Conservatory Styles WokinghamConservatory Styles – Gable End Conservatories

In looking at conservatory styles in Wokingham, we have mentioned the Edwardian conservatory, and the gable end conservatory is based upon the structure of that design.

It utilises the base of the Edwardian style, but then extends to the sky with a gabled roof, much like that of a house.

These conservatory styles are simply breath taking, giving you an incredible glass ceiling that makes your conservatory a stunning feature. They are a luxurious home improvement, enhancing your property in so many ways.

Conservatory Styles Wokingham
Conservatory Styles for Large Homes – P-Shaped Conservatories

When space is available, and you want a conservatory style to extend to the width of your property, our stunning P-shaped conservatories are perfect.

They combine the lean-to style with the Victorian option to create a superb living space that is truly multi-purpose.

You can have a dining area at one end, with a play room at the other, or perhaps an office combined with an area for relaxation. Whatever you need to use your conservatory for, a P-shaped conservatory style has got it covered.

Conservatory Styles WokinghamBespoke Conservatory Styles in Wokingham

Our conservatory styles can even be bespoke to your home and your tastes, allowing you to create your dream glass extension with our designers. Bespoke conservatories enable you to pick and choose the elements that you love to create a conservatory style that is unique to your Wokingham property.

These conservatory styles are ideal for homeowners with awkward spaces or extensive space. We will work with you to create the perfect conservatory style for your home.

Conservatory Styles Wokingham

All Year Round Benefits

Our conservatory styles are constructed with Liniar profiles and a variety of roof options from Ultraframe. This means that you will benefit from superior energy efficiency and security, making your new living space a safe and comfortable place to be all year round.

Tailored to You

With conservatory styles in Wokingham from Abbey Conservatories, we offer a range of options to tailor your conservatory to your tastes. This includes finish of the design, the glazing and any hardware and accessories as well as the door and window styles.

Conservatory Styles Prices in Wokingham

Our conservatory styles prices are spectacular, as we specialise in the design and installation of stunning conservatories throughout Wokingham.

Use our online conservatory designer to get a personalised guide price, or contact us for more information. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

uPVC Conservatories Bracknell

Victorian Conservatory Basingstoke

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Enhance Your Basingstoke home with a Victorian Conservatory

When people imagine conservatories, often, the vision that comes to mind is that of the Victorian conservatory. It is one of the most classical and popular conservatory designs in the industry and is great for versatility and elegant style.

The Victorian conservatory in Basingstoke is one of our most sought after products, being adaptable in so many ways, it complements any type of property.

Abbey Conservatories are also specialists in the design and installation of conservatories, making us a highly regarded company, preferred by many Basingstoke homeowners.

Our home improvements offer outstanding performance and are installed to the highest standards, enhancing your home in many ways.

Read our guide to the Victorian conservatory in Basingstoke to find out more.

Conservatories Henley-on-Thames

Multi-Purpose Living Space with a Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is incredibly versatile, making it ideal for any Basingstoke home. It is the ideal choice a cost effective alternative to a traditional extension.

You will have additional living space, that is bright and light, yet the installation will take far less time and the expense will be far lower than if you opted for a brick built extension.

Our Victorian conservatory installations in Basingstoke make lovely living areas, offices, playrooms and dining rooms. You can use them for almost any purpose that you can think of, ensuring that they are a great investment for your home.

Victorian Conservatory Henley

Victorian Conservatory Designs to Suit Your Basingstoke Home

When our designers meet you to discuss your ideas, they will help you to realise your conservatory dreams.

The Victorian conservatory is an ideal choice for many Basingstoke homeowners, as it is so versatile. You can opt for either a three or five faceted design, depending on the space you have available and your personal preferences.

The windows and doors used to create the structure come with a range of options too. Imagine having a stunning French door or a beautiful bi-fold door to open out into your garden! There are so many possibilities.

We create our conservatories from Liniar uPVC profiles. There are many benefits of these frames, which we will discuss in a moment, however, one of the key features is that they can be tailored to your tastes.

Opt for a colour finish to blend in with your home and personal style, or choose a natural wood effect for traditional features.

With the Victorian conservatory, you will benefit from elegant, decorative finials and a stunning, detailed aesthetic, making these beautiful conservatories a pleasure to view.

Victorian Conservatories Wokingham

High Performance with a Victorian Conservatory in Basingstoke

A Victorian conservatory from Abbey Conservatories ensures that you benefit from outstanding performance.

Our conservatories are constructed with Liniar frames. This ensures that you will be able to enjoy exceptional quality and innovative technology.

The Liniar design has a multi-chambered profile with a thermal dam, and this works to ensure your new conservatory is energy efficient. You will have a practical living space that you can use on even the coldest of winter days, making your conservatory a brilliant investment.

Whichever style of windows and doors you choose for your Victorian conservatory, you will be thoroughly protected by the highest levels of security.

The Victorian conservatory in Basingstoke incorporates the hidden strengthening technology that Liniar offer, and then all openings are fitted with state of the art locking systems.

The Yale high security locks that we install are so superb, they are accredited by Secured by Design ensuring that you have complete confidence in the protection they offer.

Even the most determined would be intruders will be unable to break into your new conservatory.

victorian conservatory thames valley

Superb Victorian Conservatory Roof Options in Basingstoke

As conservatory specialists, Abbey Conservatories are able to offer our clients additional features. One of these impressive options is the variety of conservatory roofs we have for you to choose from.

Our Victorian conservatory designs can be completed with a stunning Ultraframe roof, making them so similar to brick built extensions, you can barely tell the difference.

Ultraframe conservatory roofs are state of the art, and unlike traditional polycarbonate roofs, they will last for many, many years.

Talk to our team about our amazing conservatory roof options.

Victorian Conservatories Reading

Victorian Conservatory Prices Basingstoke

Victorian conservatory prices in Basingstoke are spectacular when you choose Abbey Conservatories as your double glazing installers. We pride ourselves on offering our clients value for money, making their home improvements a great investment.

To get an idea of Victorian conservatory costs, you can create your ideal conservatory online and design the perfect installation to meet your requirements and your budget.

Our friendly team are on hand to help you every step of the way, so get in touch for expert advice and guidance.

uPVC Conservatories Basingstoke

Edwardian Conservatories Basingstoke

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Need More Living Space? Edwardian Conservatories Could be the Answer for Your Basingstoke Home!

Edwardian conservatories are the ideal home improvements in Basingstoke for homeowners who want a stylish and yet practical additional living space.

The minimalist design offers sleek lines and a functional floor area, that maximises the space available. They make perfect dining rooms, playrooms, living areas and offices. They can be used for virtually any purpose at all thanks to their versatility.

The beautiful finish is simple and understated, ensuring that Edwardian conservatories complement both contemporary homes and traditional properties alike.

Abbey Conservatories are professional conservatory installers. We specialise in the design and construction of a simply stunning variety of conservatories throughout Basingstoke.

Our high quality structures combined with our expertise make us a popular choice for many Basingstoke home improvements.

Our Edwardian conservatories are one of our most sought after installations. Read on to find out more about the features and benefits that they offer to your Basingstoke home.

Edwardian Conservatories Henley

Edwardian Conservatories and Costs

Edwardian conservatories are a brilliant alternative to brick built structures for extending your Basingstoke home. They are far more affordable and they are just as sturdy, making them a great investment.

With traditional extensions, you can sometimes end up with a dark and enclosed space, but with an Edwardian conservatory, you can enjoy a bright and airy room that is flooded with natural light.

When you opt for our state of the art Ultraframe conservatory roofs, you will be able to enjoy all the practical benefits of an extension with none of the issues, such as time consuming builds, expense and disruption.

Edwardian Conservatories Basingstoke

Edwardian Conservatories in Basingstoke for Year Round Use

Our Edwardian conservatories are so impressive, they can be used year round. The uPVC frames coupled with the Ultraframe roofs make these glass extensions thermally efficient and weather proof.

The Liniar profiles used to create the structure feature the very latest innovations in double glazing to offer superior performance. They are so energy efficient that they are capable of a Windows Energy Rating of A+12, meaning that even on the coldest of winter days, your conservatory will be comfortable and cosy.

This impressive performance is fantastic for ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of your new additional room whatever the weather. It is precision engineered to never be too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

uPVC conservatories Henley

Protect Your Property – Secure Edwardian Conservatories

One of the many benefits of the products we use to create our Edwardian conservatories, is that they are superb for security. Our roofs and structures are robust and durable, and are designed to be almost impossible to break.

When we install your conservatory in Basingstoke, all of the openings will be fitted with world class Yale locking systems as standard.

These high security locking mechanisms are renowned for providing incredible protectionyou’re your home, keeping you and your family safe and secure.

Edwardian Conservatories Henley

Edwardian Conservatories Perfectly Designed for Your Basingstoke Home

From initial contact until after installation, we will ensure that every detail of your new conservatory meets your requirements.

Our design team will discuss your Edwardian conservatory with you, helping you choose the perfect style options to meet your needs. Whether you want a solid roof or a glass roof, the choice is yours. You can select the perfect door from our French doors or patio doors, or even our luxurious bi-fold doors.

The profiles we use for your new conservatory can be tailored to your tastes too, as they are available in a wide range of stunning finishes. We have a collection of tasteful and traditional colours, or our natural wood effect foils. Of course, you can also opt for simple, fresh white uPVC for your Edwardian conservatory.

We offer a range of hardware options, accessories and even decorative glazing to ensure that every last detail is exactly the way you want it to be.

Edwardian conservatories from Abbey Conservatories are perfectly designed to meet your needs and to complement your Basingstoke home.

Edwardian Conservatory Henley

Edwardian Conservatories Prices in Basingstoke

Edwardian conservatories prices for Basingstoke homes are specific to the exact choices you make from the variety of options available.

Abbey Conservatories have a great online conservatory designer which enables you to create a visual representation of your dream conservatory and find out the rough costs. It’s easy to use and your guide price will be ready in just a matter of minutes.

If you prefer, you can also get in touch with our friendly and helpful team who will answer any questions you may have and give you all the expert advice and guidance you need for your Basingstoke home improvements.

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