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A revolutionary conservatory & extension system

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Groundbreaking home renovation

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Choose between four different roof styles

Complete design flexibility

Enjoy complete control over your hup! the project, choose between four different roof styles and a variety of windows, doors and wall designs.

Extension can be built five times faster!

Five times faster to build

hup! Offers rapid connection technology meaning your new conservatory or extension can be built five times faster than their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Exceptional energy performance

Five times more energy efficient

Thanks to hup!’s exceptional energy performance, your new extension can help lower your energy bills and lessen your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on central heating.

Innovative engineering techniques

Premium quality finish

hup! is representative of the most innovative engineering techniques. This, paired with advanced manufacturing, provides an excellent quality home improvement system every time.

Designed to be fitted by one team

One supplier, one project

Designed to be fitted by one team from start to finish, the hup! system is simple and easy to install, reducing the stress of long build times and numerous strangers in your home.

60% more carbon efficient

60% more carbon efficient

hup! is 60% more carbon efficient than a brick wall with zero waste in production and no site waste to dispose of. Ongoing fuel consumption and carbon emissions are also lower than a brick wall, thanks to its superior thermal performance.

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Personalise your hup!

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hup! case studies

Lucy's hup! story

Lucy lives in a 1930’s semi-detached property in Lancashire, which the previous owner had lived in for 40 years. She bought the house as a complete renovation project, working through every room to transform it into a contemporary home.

A key part of the renovation was the addition of an extension to create a modern open-plan kitchen/diner. As Lucy neared the time for her extension plans to become a reality, the revolutionary new hup! building system was launched and Lucy knew it was the perfect choice for her project.

Lucy was keen that the extension should be in keeping with the 1930’s property and chose a simple lean-to style topped off with a hup! tiled roof with full-length glazed panels. The old kitchen and dining room were knocked together and with the hup! extension, this created a large open plan room.

Within the extension, a cleverly concealed pocket door provides access into a utility room which also features a glazed panel in the roof, meaning that all of the wall space is usable for cupboards. The exterior was finished in white render and a large set of anthracite grey bi-fold doors.

Watch Lucy’s hup! story

Watch Lucy tell the tale of a new build hup! extension which was added to her home to create a large open plan kitchen and socialising space.

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Sarah's hup! story

Homeowner Sarah Walsh and her partner Steven have recently chosen the hup! building system to ‘hup!grade!’ their tired, unloved conservatory into a stunning new extension that has completely transformed the space and the way they live in their home – in a matter of days!

Sarah and Steven’s conservatory had stood unloved and unused for some years. They felt that the polycarbonate roof and dwarf walls didn’t fit with the modern feel of the rest of their home and over time, the guttering had become distorted which further added to the dated exterior look.

On the inside, the lack of temperature regulation from the polycarbonate and outdated frame technology meant that the room had become unused and nothing more than a dumping ground.

Watch Sarah’s hup! story

Watch Sarah explain how her and her partner transformed their unloved and unused conservatory into a modern open plan extension that is now the heart of their home.

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hup! technology explained

hup! goes unmatched in the home improvement market thanks to its cutting-edge systems. It’s able to maximise build speeds at up to five times faster, and it also offers five times more energy efficiency than typical UK homes.

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Make an old conservatory better

hup! conservatory renovations

Make an old conservatory better and feel like a part of the home with hup! technology.

Simple and quick-to-build a hup! extension

hup! Extensions

Simple and quick-to-build a hup! extension will enhance your space and boost the value of your home.

hup! Conservatory

hup! Conservatories

A hup! Conservatory will keep your home bright and warm; its wall panels offer fantastic thermal insulation to help your conservatory maintain a regular temperature no matter the season.

Add a stunning hup! garden home

hup! Garden homes

Add a stunning hup! garden home to your outside and enjoy a space perfect for entertaining guests or peaceful alone time.

Ultimate design flexibility

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