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Let natural light flood into your Reading home with our stunning Ultrasky Lanterns and Ultrasky Roofs.  Our  Ultraframe roofs are perfect for creating the illusion of space in your house extension, conservatory or orangery.

We use Ultraframe as our trusted and experienced manufacturer giving you the peace of mind that your Roof Lantern and Ultrasky Roof systems are built to premium quality. Their slimline design allows for fewer bars leaving you with stunning sightlines.

A slim and stylish addition to any home, our Roof Lanterns can be customised to suit you and your home perfectly. Available in both uPVC and Aluminium styles with a range of bespoke colours to match your doors, windows and home interior. We have an unbeatable range of design options to enhance your Reading home.

Our designs are thermally efficient, not only making your home more aesthetically pleasing but improving its performance. The double glazed design will help to keep the warm air trapped inside, and the cold air out. It is helping you to reduce your energy bills after installation.

We have an experienced team on hand to help you throughout the design and installation of our Ultraframe roofs. We have a free online quoting engine so you can get an instant, and a free quote in return which is bespoke to your design. Alternatively, give our team a call on 01189 582 839 who will be happy to help you.

Lantern Roof Reading

Ultrasky Lantern Roof

The perfect addition to a flat roofed extension to allow for natural light to flood your room. Use the Lantern to frame a centrepiece to your room from a dining table to the breakfast bar. The Ultrasky Lantern can create a modern or traditional effect to your home depending on the design and style you have chosen.

The strong and robust design of our Lantern Roofs gives you the peace of mind you are getting a durable addition to your home. Our Lanterns are fully weather tested, watertight and draughtproof, keeping your home dry and warm.

Our design allows for 25% less bars than a conventional glazed Lantern Roof offering you improved visions from your Lantern.


Benefits of an Ultrasky Lantern Roof


Customised specifically to match you and your home. Our Lanterns can colour match to your existing window and door colours giving you a consistent look to your home. Choose the number of panels in your Lantern to help create the best sightlines.

Thermally Efficient

Our Ultraframe Lantern Roof uses double glazed window panes to ensure you can keep the warm air inside your home. In turn, making your heating bills reduce over time, saving you money in the long run. We can also ensure you Lantern does not suffer from internal condensation.


Our Lantern Roofs have been designed to allow for minimal disruption to you and your home when the product is installed. There is no cutting or drilling required and a quick assembly time we ensure our team will complete the project to a high standard in fast times.

Ultrasky Roof Reading

Ultrasky Roof

The modern styling of the Ultrasky Roof helps to create a beautiful, warm and glazed extension. Providing strength and efficiency to your home, the Ultrasky Roof uses the most durable glass on the market, combined with strong ridges and structural goalposts to give you a robust addition to your home.

Its customised design allows you to add the right shape to compliment your home. We have an unbeatable range of design options and colours to help you design the perfect Roof. We also offer four unique decorative cornices to enhance the interior of your extension, and the addition of insulated pelmets are also available.


Benefits of the Ultrasky Roof

Minimalist Design

Our Ultrasky Roof uses a slim and sleek design to allow you to have enhanced sight lines through your roof. You can customise how many bars your Roof is made up from to help you further personalise your design. We use integrate structural goalposts to allow for large spans of bi-fold doors or sliding doors to be added to your extension.

Increase Comfort

You can opt to add speakers and lighting systems to your insulated pelmet to enhance the inside of your home. This allows you to enjoy better lighting, along with increased thermal efficiency and aesthetics of your home. Your room will become functional throughout the year, even in the cooler months due to the thermally efficient design.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Our Ultrasky Roof offers stunning internal and external aesthetics to your home. With decorative cornices and insulated pelmets, our Roof is guaranteed to transform your home. Natural light will enhance the living space creating the perfect place to relax in your house. Be the standout home on your street with the addition of an Ultrasky Roof.

Roof Lantern Prices Reading

Roof Lantern and Ultrasky Roof Prices Reading

A stunning addition to any home, helping to transform your living space. Our Roof Lanterns and Roofing is stunning yet affordable. Here at Abbey, we a free online quote engine for you to design the perfect addition to your home and get an instant quote in return.

Alternatively, you can give our expert team a call on 01189 582 839, or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will be happy to get back to you.

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