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Verandas High Wycombe

Abbey’s verandas can change the way your home connects to the outside world. If you have a garden in your home, then you may find you aren’t using it as often as you could be, particularly in the winter. That could be because it’s cold, and it feels separate from the rest of your living space. However, a veranda is a brilliant way of linking your home with the outside world. It’s a slanted roof fixture that provides some cover over either a garden, a patio or another outdoor space.

Your new veranda will attach directly to your home. That means, in some ways, it provides an extension of your living space into the outside world. Not only that, but you can enjoy it with more comfort and with more protection too. The veranda can shield you from wind and rain, and its slanted design lets water slide off the top. Also, you can add double glazing panels to the sides of the veranda which protect against the wind while still providing outstanding natural light.

Also, verandas are a cost-effective option for your home in High Wycombe. They’re cheaper than pergolas to invest in, and they offer similar benefits. Because of this, you won’t have to spend as much on investing in a product that can transform how you use your living space. Not only that but investing in a veranda could even help you save money inside your home. It can prevent wind from entering your home as well as water, which could make it warmer and help you cut your heating costs.

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Benefits of a Modern Veranda

With Abbey’s bespoke verandas, you can make going outdoors exciting every time, and possible in all conditions.


At Abbey, we offer verandas that are as unique as your High Wycombe home. We don’t believe one design necessarily fits all, and so we offer a wide variety of customisable features for you to create the veranda that suits you. With LED lights, privacy blinds and heaters available, you’re in complete control of your investment.


When the weather is against you, it’s no wonder that gardens become an afterthought. But, with a veranda, you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather outside. Abbey’s durable designs keep rainwater well away from the underneath of the roof, and the whole build can withstand all conditions for decades to come.


Verandas don’t have to cost too much, either. When you invest in one of these fixtures for your garden, you can change the height and the dimensions to keep costs low. Also, as they can protect your patio and wooden decking from wear and tear, you could find that you end up saving money in other ways.

Veranda Designs for Homes in High Wycombe

Our verandas have an innovative design that is ideal for homeowners in High Wycombe. Firstly, the shape of your new build can help it to deal with poor weather conditions. The slanted roof helps rainwater slide away into a durable guttering system, which can take loads of water without wearing down. Your veranda will feature rounded posts and a unique gutter profile, so you never have to worry about water playing havoc on your patio again

Installing a veranda in your garden also helps you use it for more purposes. For example, you could put a dining table there and eat with family and friends in warm weather so that you can live a Meditteranean lifestyle in your High Wycombe home. Alternatively, you can install full glass panels and soft furniture to create a more private reading area. Either way, a veranda can help you do more with your home, and for less cost than a more substantial build such as a conservatory.

You could even use your veranda as a carport. Much like a carport, it provides a roof section which you can park your vehicle underneath. Because of this, when the colder months arrive, you can avoid that dreaded walk through the rain first thing in the morning. Although it may seem a little benefit, it’s those benefits precisely that make the difference of a brand-new veranda go a long way. And, with its durable build, you’ll be making a long-lasting investment too.

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Veranda Prices High Wycombe

Interested in the difference verandas can make for your High Wycombe home? Contact Abbey today!

We have an online quote builder which you can use to order your new veranda within minutes! You can pick and choose every element you want, including the size, height and additional features. Then, you can compare the prices of several of them to find the design that suits you, and we can provide you with a quote within minutes!

To find out more about our range, fill out our online contact form or call us directly on 01189 582 839 today!

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With every product we install, we make sure to provide consistently high results, which has not gone unnoticed. We are incredibly proud to be accredited by the Double Glazing Network, who work hard with us to make sure all our products are of a high standard and suitable for installation into your home.

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