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Conservatory Roofs Pangbourne

Abbey offers a wide range of conservatory roofs for your home in Pangbourne. Available with new builds, or as a replacement option, modern roofs can make a real difference in your home. In older designs, you could get glass panels which didn’t offer a lot of protection against cold or hot air. Not only that, but the sun could shine through them intensely, creating a greenhouse effect. 

However, the modern roofs we supply help you take control of your conservatory. You could choose a roof with double glazing, a solid design, or one that uses lightweight tiles. They’re all customisable too, meaning you can craft the ideal roof for you.

At Abbey, we’ve been installing conservatory roofs for over 30 years in Pangbourne. We’re a trusted local installer, but we also work with a leading national brand. Thanks to our partnership with Ultraframe, we can offer their full range of quality conservatory roofs. You could get a Livinroof, Ultrasky flat lantern or roof lantern, all of which can make your conservatory usable all year round.

Conservatory Roofs Pangbourne

Solid Conservatory Roof

Tiled Conservatory Roof

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Benefits of Conservatory Roofs

Our entire range of conservatory roofs has been carefully designed to add value to your Pangbourne home.  Explore the benefits they offer below.


We test all of our conservatory roofs so they can deal with the worst weather you’ll get in Pangbourne. You’ll be getting a weatherproof design, which means the roof won’t weaken, rot or crack in wind and rain. As a result, it’ll protect you from the elements for years to come, giving you more control of your home.

With tiled roofs, you’ll also get small water-tight gaps that allow air to ventilate through. Because of this, heat collecting inside your conservatory in the summer can escape, preventing it from getting too hot.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Our conservatory roofs, supplied by Ultraframe, are a sleek, stylish option for your home in Pangbourne. With a range of materials, designs and pitch angles to choose from, your roof could become the new centrepiece of your home.

If you have a traditional property, you could fit cornices or tiles in a terra cotta finish. Alternatively, an Ultrasky roof lantern with slim sightlines can bring any home into a brighter future. You’ll be able to customise every one of our roofs fully, meaning there’ll be no ceiling on what you can create.

Energy Efficient

A new roof for your conservatory could be what it needs. You might have a design which is difficult to use when the temperature changes, but a new roof lets you remain in control of your home’s climate.

You’ll be investing in an energy efficient design with excellent insulation, helping you to prevent heat transfer. That means your build won’t get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, and you can use it more freely throughout the year. You won’t have to rely on your central heating either, meaning you could save on energy bills.

Conservatory Roof Designs

At Abbey, we offer something for everyone. Our range of conservatory roofs is as broad as it is brilliant, with a range of innovative designs that improve any space. Also, you won’t have to settle for anything with us. Instead of taking a template, you can create a bespoke roof for your build that suits you and your family’s needs precisely.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Tiled conservatory roofs are a classic option with modern performance for your Pangbourne home. The lightweight tiles fit together in a water-tight design, ensuring complete weather protection. You can choose a partially glazed roof for added lighting, or you could add Velux roof windows, letting sunlight enter your home in a more controlled way.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

Solid conservatory roofs can blend in seamlessly with your Pangbourne home. These designs are similar to the roofs you’ll find in your home, meaning your conservatory could feel more connected to it. Also, you’ll get impressive insulation and privacy with a solid roof. That way, you can reduce noise outside as well as your energy bills.

Conservatory Roof Prices Pangbourne

Replacement Conservatory Roof

If you feel uncomfortable in your conservatory, you don’t have to put up with it. Instead, you can enhance your build for less with our replacement conservatory roofs for your home in Pangbourne. You can choose from all the designs we offer and customise them to your needs, and they’ll cost less than they would with a new build!

Ultrasky Flat Skylight

Ultrasky flat skylights are one of Ultraframe’s signature designs. They’re ideal if you’re looking to light up your living space, without exposing it to the elements. You’ll get a central skylight in your room that gives you impressive views of the sky above, and plenty of overhead space. And, with the option of unique RAL colours, you can style it to suit you.

Ultrasky Roof Lantern

An Ultrasky roof lantern, on the other hand, is sure to make an impression. These roofs are solid designs but have a vaulted glass skylight in the middle. The lantern could become the centrepiece of your home, and it’s ideal for designing a new build around. You could create a new dining area, for example, where you always have wonderful views above you.

Conservatory Roof Pangbourne

Conservatory Roof Prices Pangbourne

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Conservatory Roof Replacement Pangbourne

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