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Orangeries Finchampstead

Abbey’s orangeries are the ideal balance of brightness and durability for your home in Finchampstead. You might be a homeowner looking to expand their home, adding a new living space to make your interior look and feel bigger. You might be considering which of these two builds is the best – a conservatory or an extension?

However, conservatories may not be the right choice for your property, as they can often lose and gain heat too quickly. Extensions are also not always the best option due to their expensive designs. As such, it can be difficult to decide how to expand your home without considering these faults that may affect your property. Why not meet in the middle with an orangery?

Orangeries combine the best of both worlds to create a room that gives you extended living space you and your property truly deserve. In the design, you still get plenty of glazing, but there is more use of robust materials, like brickwork and stone. As a result, you can take more control of the lighting in the space and the temperature too.

Utilising the option of our Ultrasky roof lanterns, you can enjoy floor-to-ceiling glazing and a variety of connecting doors as well. Enjoy our variety of design options available to you, giving you more choice on how you want your orangery to look.

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Benefits of an Orangery

Abbey’s orangeries can benefit your home in Finchampstead in several ways, and with incredible results.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Orangeries are comprised of large, glazed areas, giving you not only vast sightlines but the option to customise how much glass you get. That way, you’ll get the same feeling of light and space as you would in a conservatory.

Weather Resistant

Our orangeries are capable of dealing with whatever the weather can dish out in Finchampstead. Regardless of the conditions, your orangery will still stand against the heavy rain and strong winds thanks to its robust materials that will prevent it from rotting, twisting or losing its shape.

Thermally Efficient

We make sure you can enjoy your orangery all year round by ensuring that it is thermally efficient. No longer will you be prevented from staying in your extension when the colder seasons arrive, as our orangeries are able to trap and retain the natural heat inside your home, keeping your interior warm, meaning you can enjoy a cosy orangery even during winter. Not only that, but it will save you money on the energy bill as you will become less inclined to switch on the central heating.

Orangery Design

Our orangeries can suit any home, no matter its design, in Finchampstead. Orangeries are perfect for those with traditional homes, as their design came about during the Victorian period, often cited to be inspired by the homes found in the Mediterranean. As such, it has become a staple for both mansions and other stately homes for decades.

Bring a sense of class and a feeling of summer back to your home to reinvigorate with a new lease of life. Orangeries are also perfect for those looking for a more modern design. You can opt to add floor-to-ceiling glazing, bi-fold doors or even a roof lantern!

Orangeries also boast better shade than conservatories, giving you a more relaxed and comfortable living space that is ideal for reading or taking a rest. Additionally, most orangeries come with a square floorplan, giving you more space to use the room for more purposes.

Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about prying eyes or unsightly views. You can have as little or as much brickwork as you like to maintain security, privacy and block things you’d rather not see too.

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Orangery Styles

At Abbey, we offer three main styles of orangery for your home in Finchampstead. These designs all take advantage of the latest technology to enhance your home and improve your lifestyle. Not only that, but you can customise these builds in any way that you choose.

Select stunning doors, glazing options and roofing, as well as bold RAL colours. You can even match the colour of the brickwork to your existing property for a seamless addition to your home.

Contemporary Orangery

If you want a classic design with a modern twist to expand your home, our contemporary orangeries fit the bill. These designs come with a stunning Ultrasky roof lantern, and plenty of double glazing too.

Because of this, you’ll get the superb views you can expect from a conservatory. However, you can enjoy them in a warmer, more comfortable space, which has a remarkable appearance both inside and out.

Traditional Orangery

Meanwhile, our traditional orangeries provide a timeless class to your home in Finchampstead. While you’ll have a glass roof, the design features brickwork pillars which offer strength and security to the structure. Not only that, but your roof will have decorative cornices.

These classic designs not only catch the eye but conceal any guttering that might otherwise be exposed. And, while their look may be timeless, your orangery will feature the very latest in home improvement technology.

Lantern Orangery

Finally, our lantern orangeries can brighten your Finchampstead home immeasurably. Using the Ultrasky Lantern roof, they create a unique centrepiece that makes a lasting impression from inside and outside. These spaces are not only bright but broad also.

Because of this, you can use the room as a home office, a dining area, or even a lounge. Thanks to the combination of glazing and brickwork, you’ll balance light and warmth seamlessly, in a comfortable space you’ll love.

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Orangery Prices Finchampstead

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