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Solid Conservatory Roofs in Tilehurst

Here at Abbey, we offer a wide range of bespoke conservatories and conservatory roofs for you in Tilehurst, providing something to suit every budget and taste. Our solid conservatory roofs are an incredibly modern and robust model when investing in home renovations, as they’re much sturdier than other roof options on the market.

In addition to this, with the use of solid roofs with your conservatory, you’ll drastically increase your Tilehurst home’s energy efficiency. In addition to this, our solid roof conservatory roofs are visually stunning. However, if you’re worried about a lack of natural light entering your conservatory through the solid roof, you’ll be relieved to know that they are available with a combination of solid and glass roof panels, ensuring your extension is still a bright social space for your family in Tilehurst.

Our solid conservatory roofs are available whether you’re looking to invest in an entirely new conservatory, or just renovating your current one. If you’re concerned about the energy efficiency of an out-dated conservatory roof, investing in a new solid roof from Abbey is a great idea.

However, these roof replacements are of course available if you’re just looking to replace a fully-functioning current one in your Tilehurst home, as they can transform the appearance of any extension.

Why Choose Abbey For Your Conservatory Roof Renovations?

When looking to invest in a new conservatory roof or an entirely new extension altogether, you want to come to an installer you can rely on.

We here at Abbey Conservatories have been installing in the Tilehurst region since 1986. We, therefore, bring over three decades of installation experience to all our work, including our stunning range of solid conservatory roofs.

As installers, we are lucky enough to be accredited by Which? as Trusted Traders. We also to our work with conservatory suppliers Ultraframe, as part of their Ultra Installers Scheme who are the market leaders in their field. To be approved conservatory roof installers by them means you can trust Abbey to deliver a brilliant product, and service to match.

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Incredible Thermal Efficiency

With our solid conservatory roofs available here at Abbey, you’ll be investing in a new roof which will bring unrivalled energy efficiency. Renovating your home in Tilehurst with thermally superior products can help bring your energy bills down in the colder months, which in turn can save you money over time. As a direct result of this, you won’t have to deal with a cold conservatory even with the heating on low, as the solid roof prevents any cold winter winds from entering your home.

Supplied by Ultraframe

Here at Abbey conservatories, we use suppliers Ultraframe for all our conservatory ranges, including our solid roofs. With Ultraframe, you know from the off that you’re dealing with the best suppliers in the industry. Their conservatory roofs provide better thermal efficiency and general product longevity than other roofs on the market, ensuring you’re making a worthwhile investment to your home in the Tilehurst region. Much like Abbey, Ultraframe are a name you can trust.


Stunning Internally

When investing a solid roof, one natural concern would be compromising on the general appearance of the inside of your conservatory. However, with our solid conservatory roofs, that simply isn’t the case. The combination of a plastered ceiling with an attractive internal pelmet allows you to use the solid roof for a range of gorgeous light fittings. Whether you’re looking to touch up a more traditional conservatory or invest in a newer, more modern one; there’s something for you.

Excellent Weatherproofing

When you’re investing in one of our solid conservatory roofs, you’ll be getting a product that offers great resistance to extreme weather. Our conservatories all come with impressive, accredited double glazing which keeps even the worst wind and rain at bay while remaining reliable and robust in the process. As a result, if you’re looking to replace an old conservatory with a new one from us at Abbey, you’ll be making your extension much more usable, 12 months a year.


We offer an array of customisation options for your solid conservatory roof here at Abbey. We offer a range of colour options, some more subtle and some more striking. We also have a range of woodgrain finishes available, meaning your conservatory roof can have a more traditional look if needed. As a result, solid conservatory roofs are a great option for both new builds and replacements. We can suit any taste or décor you may have in your Tilehurst home.

Keep the Room Light With Glass Panels

If your main concern with a solid conservatory roof is losing natural light from the room, you need not worry. Our range of solid roofs can be made to fit any available space, including only installing it on certain panels of your new roof. As a result, we can combine the solid roof with our stunning glass panels, leaving you with an eye-catching final product. What this does, however, it ensures that your conservatory is still filled with natural light.

Exceptional Quality from Abbey Conservatories


We at Abbey Conservatories pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and installing the best solid roof conservatories, at an affordable price. Testimonials from previous clients confirm that the solid roof conservatories we offer are durable and long-lasting, ensuring you won’t have to replace and reorder your product soon.


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Accredited by the Double Glazing Network


Here at Abbey conservatories, we are accredited by the Double Glazing Network, who ensure we are constantly achieving high-standards through our customer service and products on offer. Our Solid Roof Conservatories measure up against their regulations, ensuring we’re delivering a great product and providing a reliable service.


Double Glazing Network

Solid Roof Conservatory Prices in Tilehurst


With many homeowners choosing to install a conservatory on to their home, the solid roof conservatory is becoming increasingly popular. The added benefits and cost-effective price make it ideal for any property and a worthwhile investment.

Give us a call today on 0118 958 2839 to find out more about the wide range of solid roof conservatories we offer. Our team of highly-skilled experts will be on hand to answer any questions you might have, giving you all the information you need as well as a quick quote.

Alternatively, you can use our online form to submit all your questions and queries and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have, giving you an estimate at the end of your desired solid roof conservatory.

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