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How To Choose The Perfect Conservatory Roof

By 15th March 2020Conservatory Roof Styles

What is the Perfect Conservatory Roof?

Choose the perfect conservatory roof, and you can make that space perform far better. In your current home, you may have a conservatory, but you might not use it much at all. Many of these spaces have issues due to their old builds and inferior quality materials. However, if you’ve been thinking about tearing that build down and replacing it with a modern conservatory, you don’t have to. Instead, you could fix a lot of these problems with a replacement conservatory roof.

There are several new solutions available at Abbey that can give you control over your conservatory again. With a new roof, you can shield your space from excessive light, secure your space from any intruders or prying eyes, and insulate it against all kinds of weather. That way, you’ll be able to use your conservatory in more comfort and at more times of the year too. Not only that but its much cheaper to replace a roof than a whole build, making it a cost-effective investment as well.Conservatory Roof Styles

There are three distinct conservatory roofing options we offer here at Abbey. Each one has a unique build material, which can provide you with different benefits. The perfect conservatory roof for you, however, is a unique one. That’s why we let you customise our designs to get a roof that’s ideal for you, and is entirely bespoke to you.

Glass Conservatory Roof

The first option is to get a new, glass conservatory roof. While you might have one of these already, our modern designs feature advanced double glazing. That means that you’ll be able to store more of your home’s natural heat, without it escaping. Also, double glazing provides your conservatory with a thermal barrier, keeping cold air out. It could even reduce glare, as some light can get trapped in between the two panes of glass, preventing it from bouncing around your conservatory.

solid conservatory roof prices readingSolid Conservatory Roof

Alternatively, you can choose a solid conservatory roof. These designs use solid materials like slate and concrete for a ceiling that has more impact. If you want to make your conservatory feel more like a natural part of your home, then a solid design is the perfect conservatory roof for you. These builds have outstanding insulation, meaning you can improve the efficiency of your space hugely. Also, you can customise the design with a roof lantern, or choose Ultraframe’s leading Livinroof!

Tiled Conservatory Roof

If you have an older home or value period quality, then a tiled conservatory roof could be the perfect option for you. These lightweight tiles fit individually but are air and water-tight, which makes the design fully weatherproof. That means you’ll be able to protect the structure of your build and keep your home warmer too. Also, tiles blend in seamlessly with your existing home, and you can customise their colours and finishes without worrying about them fading for years to come.

Tiled Conservatory Roof prices readingWhich is the Perfect Conservatory Roof For Me?

Glass, solid and tiled roofs all provide different benefits for different homeowners. If you want a bright and airy space without getting too cold or hot, then a glass roof can make a significant difference. You’ll be able to insulate your home more effectively, but without losing any natural light. However, glass roofs can’t protect your space from massive jumps in temperature, and so it may not be suitable for you if you’d like to use your conservatory in the height of summer.

Solid roofs are much better at reducing temperature changes. If that’s your primary concern, then this may be the perfect conservatory roof for giving you control over your home’s climate. Solid roofs can help you cut your energy costs too, which means you can pay back your investment at a higher speed. However, these roofs can often cost double the price of a glass option to fit in your conservatory.

A tiled roof provides similar performance to a solid one. However, you’ll also get a stylish ceiling that suits traditional homes. Your tiles will use robust materials in their design, and their air and water-tight fit mean you won’t have to worry about draughts and damp spots. Also, in the summer, the small gaps act as releases for excessive heat, keeping your space comfortable. Depending on your needs, though, all of these options could be the perfect conservatory roof for your home.

Choose the Perfect Conservatory Roof with Abbey

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Our online quote builder allows you to compare between glass, solid and tiled options, and look at customisable features too. You could add a roof lantern, terra cotta tiling patterns, or even triple glazing. Once you know the options you’d like, we can give you a quote within minutes for your selections.

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