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How To Furnish Your Orangery

By 6th July 2020Uncategorised

Orangeries are soaring popularity for homeowners across the country They allow a vast influx of natural light into your home. This makes your new living space look brighter and feel even bigger as a result. Much like a conservatory, you can use an orangery any way you choose, for working, dining or entertaining – or a combination of all three.

But the burning question remains – what is the best way to furnish an orangery?

You’ll want to make use of the space you have available and maximise the light, airy room style in a way that works for you. You may also want to mimic the aesthetics of the rest of your property for a cohesive appearance, or perhaps you will want to make it stand apart like its own unique, individual space. As such, the décor is incredibly important too.

In this guide, we’ll run through the key differences between an orangery and a conservatory, and how these variations affect the design choices you will make when you look at how to furnish your new orangery. We’ll also put forward some design ideas and share some of our favourite suggestions.

Rest assured that your new orangery will be uniquely yours – you’re welcome to ignore all our suggestions or steal them all if you would like. The choice, like your orangery, is yours.

If you don’t yet own an orangery and are looking to invest, you can talk to us about it and we’ll get your project started. You can even get a price in seconds, using our online quoting engine. Enter your specifications to find out how much your bespoke orangery will cost.

Orangery vs Conservatory

That makes it sound like a competition, but it’s difficult to compare the two. It’s certainly nigh on impossible to say whether one is better than the other. It all comes down to which is right for you and your home, and how best to use your available space.

The most straightforward way to explain the difference between an orangery and a conservatory is that the former is mostly made up of brickwork, while the latter prioritises glass. Orangeries also most often feature a flat roof with large glass windows and a roof light to allow a controlled influx of natural light.

If you’re still unsure which is right for you – or even which you have, if you’ve recently moved into a new property – you’re welcome to talk to our friendly experts. We’re able to advise on all aspects of conservatories and orangeries – including which is which!

how to furnish an orangery living roomFurnish Your Orangery As A Living Room

Is your family rapidly expanding and outgrowing your current lounge or living room? Is your sitting room too noisy, or too crowded, and you would like a little secret place of solitude to escape to? If that sounds like you, why not create an orangery that acts as a second or expanded living room?

You can create a bright and airy space that’s a joy to escape to. For such a light and bright room, you can fill your orangery with colourful furniture to make a splash. Since you may be most likely to use your orangery in the summer, on the lighter, brighter and warmer nights, you may want to look at floral-patterned furniture, pastel feature armchairs and colourful, characterful sofas.

If you choose a bespoke orangery that’s expertly installed, you’ll enjoy the benefits of advanced double glazing and a thermally efficient profile that stays comfortable in the winter too. As such, you can look to create a cosy, comfy place to snuggle up and settle in on those winter nights. If you do, you might want to choose darker, moodier furnishings like autumnal brown décor, deep, moody reds, and complete the look with atmospheric lighting like a feature chandelier or even spotlights dotted around.

No matter how you choose to furnish, orangeries look and perform their best in all weathers, making the most of the light and space you have available. Any furnishings will create a stylish décor and atmosphere for you to use a living space all year round.

Furnish Your Orangery As A Dining Room

If you choose to furnish your orangery as a dining space, you’re opening up the potential to create a striking social space that will have friends and family calling at your door more often than ever to sit and eat and drink in your elegant new space.

You could choose to go one of two main ways when you look to decide on the décor for your orangery’s furnishings. You could opt for a timeless aesthetic with authentic, traditional style wooden furniture in a handcrafted aesthetic, complemented by rustic shades and finishes with a retro flair. You’ll want to make sure this look is implemented throughout when you furnish your conservatory, so this doesn’t look odd when placed against more modern products and features. You could even make a statement with large pendant lights to illuminate your space and make a strong impression.

Alternatively, you might want to make your orangery ultra-modern. If you do, it’s likely you will look to sleek, slimline furnishings in modern, muted colours like black or grey. With this up-to-date appearance, you’ll enjoy clean lines and a distinctive finish that will suit a minimalist appearance through. For new builds or recently renovated properties, this could be an excellent choice. Many homeowners want to make the most of the space they have available and highlight how much room they have to spare. Keeping your orangery furnished in the most modern way will help to achieve this.

Invite friends and family over and entertain them in your orangery no matter how it is furnished or what décor you choose. As long as you have a dining table, comfy seats and good company – and well as an expertly installed orangery – you’ll be sure to make the most of your new living space all through the year.

furniture your orangery dining roomFurnish Your Orangery As Whatever You Want!

Stand out the crowd, throw caution to the wind and defy all expectations. If you’re looking to furnish your orangery, how about doing something unexpected that will take your friends, family and maybe even yourself by surprise?

Have you considered turning your orangery into a guest bedroom (or somewhere to escape to when the other half is snoring again)? Many orangeries feature stunning vaulted ceilings and gorgeous views of the night sky, so you’ll feel like you’re sleeping under the stars while also staying warm and cosy in your thermally efficient installation. You can furnish this extra bedroom in any way you choose but be sure to keep a cohesive aesthetic throughout and consider additional furniture that you can use through the day as well – unless you’re planning to stay in bed all day, and we wouldn’t blame you! With the privacy of an orangery, you’re able to do whatever you want – we won’t judge!

The choices are almost endless. You know your home better than anyone else, so you know what it might be missing Do you need a new living room, office space, dining area, guest bedroom, children’s playroom – the list goes on. No matter what you choose, rest assured that the best orangeries will work for you.

Furnish Your Orangery From Abbey Conservatories

We understand the importance of improving your home your way. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to discuss what you need when you come to us to find out more about investing in a brand-new stunning bespoke orangery.

We’ll take all the stress and worry out of your installation, so you can focus on how you want to use your orangery. While we take care of the tricky parts, you can enjoy the fun of thinking about the furnishing, décor and features to make your space truly yours.

We’d be happy to offer any advice you might need, so give us a call or contact us online. And remember, you can use our online quoting engine to start planning your eye-catching and versatile orangery project today. We look forward to working with you soon.

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