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Why Are Conservatory Foundations Important?

By 23rd November 2020Expert Articles

why are conservatory foundations important

When considering a new conservatory, it is extremely important to speak to your chosen installer about conservatory foundations and the process included with this. Unlike windows, doors and other home improvement solutions, conservatories cannot be installed to your home from the ground up. Careful planning around structural stability is essential. This is because conservatories are an extension of your home and require the same structural stability. Not having the right base under your conservatory can lead to serious problems developing over time. This can be dangerous and extremely expensive to rectify.

Conservatory foundations work by supporting the weight of the build. This is extremely important, as, without them, your new conservatory could face deformation if there are any changes in the land around your home. This land is usually soil and varies in strength depending on where you live and many other factors. If this soil is wet, building straight on it without conservatory foundations can cause problems later on. Without foundations, your conservatory will lack stability, suffer from deformation, and fall victim to water damage including rot and decay.

Getting conservatory foundations right can be a tricky process. This is why it is so important to work with the right installer. Working with an inexperienced installer may mean they lay the footings too shallow or that they use the wrong foundation type for your situation. As mentioned, problems relating to foundations can be extremely expensive to fix and detrimental to the structural stability of your conservatory. Do it once and do it properly with an experienced installer.

Types of Foundations

There are many different types of conservatory foundations. An installer such as ourselves will choose with type of foundation is best suited to your home and the land being built on. An expert installer will be able to make this decision after assessing the building site and seeing the results of a technical survey. A technical survey provides detailed blueprints of the land around and under your home. This is particularly useful as it makes us aware of any unseen piping that we should avoid when digging footings.

Traditional footings are the most common type of conservatory foundation. Footings are strong support beams that lodge deep into the ground underneath your build. They work to provide resistance against extreme weather conditions and last for decades. This makes them extremely reliable.

Many traditional conservatories also feature a dwarf wall. A dwarf wall is a small brickwork base that supports a build from underneath. Brickwork is extremely durable thanks to its weatherproof qualities, stopping any water from seeping beneath the build. This wall also raises your space higher off the ground for added structural stability and strength.

Both of these foundation solutions have been trialled and tested for years, making them both viable options. However, like anything, they also have their setbacks. If you are an avid gardener or live in a highly vegetated area, it may be hard to dig up the ground without causing damage to any plants or trees. This is where more modern conservatory foundation solutions come in handy.

Modern bases use concrete and steel pads instead of traditional footings. They do not require any digging at all, leaving any vegetation roots or piping undisturbed. Strip foundations are another alternative, lodging in at a thickness of only 150mm.

At Abbey, our expert team will assess your situation and find a foundation solution that works best for your home and the build area.

Local Authority Rules

If you are looking to have a new conservatory added to your property, there are strict local authority rules that need to be met. This includes specific requirements on foundations. In order to have your new build approved, you will need to meet these requirements.

Local authority requirements depend on where you live and change from council to council. Make sure that you check what rules and regulations apply to you and your local area before you start the installation process. If the land you are hoping to build your new conservatory on has any weak patches that could lead to a future issue or failure, your build will not be permitted. There can also not be any imported soil or ‘made ground’ in the area.

Luckily for you, an experienced installer can make meeting local authority rules a lot easier. They understand what local regulations are in place, and how to meet them.

Conservatory Foundations With Abbey

If you are looking to expand your home and would like a brand new conservatory, we here at Abbey can help. With over 30 years of experience within the home improvements industry, we have managed to build and install many conservatories to homes across the Berkshire area. With this, we have the expertise to install conservatory foundations carefully and correctly. With meticulous planning, we always make sure to build conservatories with the right foundations for each customer’s situation.

By working with Abbey, you will benefit from shorter wait times and low travel costs. This is because as your local trusted installer, we are only a short distance away from your home. This being said, with such quick and efficient service does not come a lack of quality. We promise our customers durable conservatory foundations that will operate with ease for a lifetime, as well as bespoke conservatories to meet your needs.

While our foundations are designed to perform to the highest standards, so are our conservatories. By working with market leading manufacturers we are able to provide our valued customers with high functioning conservatories that add value to any property they are installed to. Our designs are extremely energy efficient, highly secure, weather resistant and sound insulating. Enhance your home in every way, adding value. With such durable foundations, these superior levels of performance are sure to be experienced for an entire lifetime.

By working with a trusted local installer such as Abbey, you will benefit from a stress and hassle free build. We will deal with all the with the bits that you don’t need to, such as local authorities and technical surveys, so that you can focus on the fun design aspects with help from our team. Feel reassured knowing that we are members of the regulatory body, FENSA. With this you will receive proof that your new installation including our windows and doors complies with building regulations, is registered with the local council and is backed by guarantee insurance. You only get this type of reassurance with a FENSA Approved Installer, such as ourselves.

why are conservatory foundations importantConservatory Prices

If you are looking to have a new conservatory installed to your home, do it properly and do it once with correct conservatory foundations with Abbey.

By using our online design tool you can follow the step by step process, creating your dream installation. At the end of the easy to follow process you will receive a price tailored to your needs. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you would like more information about our conservatories or foundations, please do not hesitate to get in touch. By filling out our online form or calling us directly on 01189 582 829, a friendly member of our team can answer any questions you may have.

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