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conservatory add value

How Much Value Does A Conservatory Add?

By | Expert Articles

A conservatory can add at least 5% to your home’s value, meaning expanding your home might not be so expensive in the long run. Nowadays, people are looking for bigger homes. With people spending more time at home, they want more space to use and enjoy. And, still, the best way of adding that space to your property is by investing in a conservatory.

With a well-built conservatory, you’ll get a brand-new room you can use every day. Not only that, you can use it comfortably. Modern designs are far more efficient than older builds, meaning they’ll be warmer throughout the day and the year. When the winter comes around, your new space will stay warm. When the summer returns, though, your space will be cool as well.

At Abbey, you can make sure you get a well-built conservatory that will add value to your home. Our designs have competitive prices, high-quality materials and quick and easy installations. Working with Ultraframe, a market leader, we can offer conservatories that set the standard. As a result, you’ll be able to get more for your home if you ever decide to move on.

add value with conservatoryHow Does a Conservatory Add Value?

With a new conservatory, you can add value to your home in several ways. You’ll have more space for a start, meaning you have more room to enjoy your living space. You could use your conservatory for multiple unique purposes, too. For example, you could design a home office, a social space or even a dining area. You can even customise your conservatory around your needs.

Your conservatory will also stand the test of time to add value to your home for decades to come. Our designs have premium-grade materials, such as advanced double glazing, resilient profiles, and options like solid and tiled roofing and brickwork walls. Because of this, a brand-new conservatory could last for decades, and that’s without regular maintenance. As a result, your new space will always look its best.

Finally, your conservatory can add value to your home from day one. Although it’ll help save you money in the long run, it can also save you money straight away. Our conservatories are energy efficient, meaning you can cut your energy usage while keeping warm inside your home. As a result, you can reduce your household bills and potentially save thousands over the years!

How Much Value Does a Conservatory Add?

But how much does a conservatory add value to your home? It usually depends on a range of factors in the design. One of them is the amount of glazing. Builds with a lot of glass look more modern, appealing to style-conscious homeowners. With Abbey’s conservatories, you can afford to have plenty of glass, though. Our double glazing can keep you warm while allowing natural light to pour into your home.

Another factor is in what direction you build your conservatory. If your home is east or west-facing, then that means sunlight will enter your space at different times of the day. However, if you choose a south-facing design, you’ll consistently get more light during daylight hours. As a result, a south-facing conservatory is highly sought after, meaning they could add even more value to your home.

But the build quality is usually the most important way to make sure your new conservatory can add value. With the right materials and elegant design, you can get a space that looks stunning for decades. As a result, you could add upwards of 5% to your home’s value, meaning you could benefit from increasingly high offers to help you find the perfect new home.

how much value does a conservatory add

How Does an Abbey Conservatory Add Value?

With Abbey, you can make sure you get a conservatory that can add the most value to your home. And, as a trusted local installer, we try to provide a service you’ll value as well. We can offer our high-quality conservatories at lower prices for your home. With fewer travel costs, shorter wait times and more personalised service, you can find the best way to invest in a new conservatory with us.

Not only that, we guarantee you’ll get a well-built conservatory. We work closely with Ultraframe, meaning we can offer their full range of designs, styles and customisable features. As a result, you can build a bespoke conservatory with us that can add even more value to your home right now. You can design it around a specific purpose and your home’s style for a seamless fit.

Finally, Abbey’s local installers make the whole process of expanding your home more valuable. You can rely on them to treat your home as they would their own, and they’ll always go the extra mile to help. We’ll manage your whole project, from design and planning permission right through to completion. We’ll work around your schedule, too, to minimise stress and hassle.

An Abbey Conservatory Can Add Value to Your Home

Get in touch with Abbey to choose a unique conservatory that can add value to your home today.

You can use our online design tool to discover our range of options, fill in our online contact form to ask us any questions, or speak to us directly over the phone by calling 01189 582 839.

why do conservatories get condensation

Why Do Conservatories Get Condensation?

By | Expert Articles

Why do conservatories get condensation? If you have one of these spaces in your home, then you might see a mist build up on the windows, doors or roof from time to time. When condensation emerges, though, it’s a sign your conservatory isn’t performing. Not only that, the mist can develop into something much worse if left unchecked.

Condensation can build up in your home for various reasons. Your space might have poor air circulation, it could be humid or damp, or parts of your design may not be thermally efficient. You can prevent it in many ways, such as with extractor fans, hairdryers, or simply opening the windows and doors more often. However, these solutions only have a limited effect and may not repair the root issues causing condensation.

At Abbey Conservatories, we create conservatories for your home that don’t get condensation for decades. With more durable materials in the design, advanced technology and a weatherproof build, you can prevent the mist from building up in your home. And, as we’re a trusted local installer, you can get shorter wait times and lower prices for a replacement conservatory with us!

conservatories condensationHow Do Conservatories Get Condensation?

Conservatories can get condensation for several reasons. One cause of this issue is how you might use your conservatory. If you don’t use it very often, or you use it to hang out laundry, then air and moisture can collect inside your space with no way of escaping. As a result, you could be creating the warm, damp conditions that condensation can thrive in.

How you decorate your space may also be causing issues. Carpet flooring, for example, can allow heat to collect more inside your space. Not only that, features like plants can draw in moisture, meaning that they could create condensation when they’re close to your windows. Opening the windows and removing plants from sensitive areas can go a long way to fixing these problems, though.

However, your conservatory could have more serious issues, which are causing condensation to build up. Your windows may not be thermally efficient, meaning they can allow for heat transfer. When this happens, hot and cold air collide more often around your window, and this is what causes the mist to emerge. It could even emerge inside your window if you have broken seals, which will necessitate a window replacement.

condensation in conservatoriesHow to Prevent Condensation in Conservatories

If condensation develops in your conservatory, there are a few ways you can remove it and prevent it. Firstly, you should make sure there are no moisture sources near your windows or doors. You could remove plants nearby or draw moisture away by investing in silica gel to absorb water and keep it from your windows.

Alternatively, you could improve your air circulation. During the day, it can help to open the windows and doors more often and more widely. You’ll be able to allow fresh air to enter your space. If that still doesn’t prevent condensation, you could also invest in an extractor fan or dehumidifier which keeps air moving even when your windows and doors are shut.

If condensation does build up, you can also use a hairdryer to remove it quickly. However, that, and none of the other solutions, solve the root problems of condensation. If you have an old conservatory, then it doesn’t protect you from the design. Your windows may have gaps and cracks, your doors may have warped out of shape, and the roof could be thin and fragile.

replacement conservatoriesPreventing Condensation in Conservatories For Good

If you want to kick condensation away from your home, the best way is to invest in brand-new conservatories. With a modern design, you’ll get energy efficient windows, doors and roofs that don’t suffer from condensation. You’ll get advanced double glazing, weatherproof profiles and durable sealants that won’t warp, crack, twist or rot for decades to come.

Not only that, you can get a new space for your home that’s warmer, brighter and safer than your old one. Double glazing can improve your home’s insulation to help you save money on your energy bills. You could also transform the way you enter your garden with sliding or bi-fold doors. You could choose durable solid or tiled roofs with unique colours, lighting and even skylights and roof lanterns as well!

With Abbey, you can also replace conservatories for much less. As a trusted local installer, we can offer lower prices and shorter wait times than the big national brands. We’re also proud to be Ultra Approved Installers, and we only supply conservatories from Ultraframe. Our market-leading designs can help you make a fantastic investment in your home.

Replacement Conservatories to Stop Condensation Prices

Get one of Abbey’s replacement conservatories for your home today, and stop condensation for good!

You can use our online quote builder to design a unique space for your home that’s fully bespoke to you! You’ll get a personalised price for the design in seconds once you decide on it, too.

Alternatively, call Abbey’s friendly team on 01189 582 839 or fill in our online contact form to find out more.

conservatory to orangery conversion

Conservatory to Orangery Conversion – How and Why

By | Expert Articles

Should you get a conservatory to orangery conversion? If you have an old conservatory, you might feel like it isn’t right for your home. These spaces can become cold in the winter and hot in the summer, making them difficult to use. Not only that, but they might be starting to wear down, or they could look tired with old designs like carpets and curtains.

Because of this, a lot of people think about replacing the build with a brand-new conservatory. However, while these modern designs perform much better, they might not give you the insulation you’re looking for. Glass still fills 75% or more of the design, meaning you can be exposed to the elements. Problems like glare and the greenhouse effect can affect many builds.

However, with Abbey, you could go in a different direction for your home. You could turn your conservatory from an old build to a stunning new space with an orangery conversion. By turning it into an orangery, you can add stunning brickwork, unique roofing and more to your conservatory. Also, with Abbey, you can create a bespoke orangery conversion for a competitive price!

Why Switch from a Conservatory to an Orangery?

If you have a conservatory, then switching it to a new space with an orangery conversion can be very beneficial. That’s because your conservatory could have several issues. For example, it might get cold in winter and hot in summer. That’s usually because the build has only one pane of thin glass in the walls and roofing, allowing air to pass inside the build with ease.

Not only that, but a single layer of glass doesn’t protect against the sun. As a result, on hot summer days, sunlight can get into your space and bounce off all the glass, creating glare and an uncomfortable greenhouse effect. While you could get a new build or enhance your old one, you might not be able to fix these problems either.

Also, conservatories don’t offer you a lot of privacy. With over 75% of the design being glass, your home can feel exposed. While you could replace the glass with obscured options, it still doesn’t give you full peace of mind at times. However, by switching your conservatory to an orangery, you can get a space that uses more durable materials to give you more control inside your home.

Conservatory conversionBenefits of Orangery Conversion

With an orangery conversion, you could transform the way you use your home. Orangeries are classic designs which come from the Georgian era. Originally, these spaces were symbols of status, ideal as extensions to stately homes. Not only that, they were popular in Europe to let homeowners enjoy the sun. Now, though, you can enjoy that feeling inside your home.

Your orangery will be thermally efficient, thanks to panels of double glazing and durable brickwork. Not only that, but the brickwork will protect you from the elements, preventing water from seeping in. High winds are less likely to weaken the structure, and you can improve your home’s security too. You could choose sliding and bi-fold doors with multi-point locking systems that are anti-crowbar designs.

An orangery conversion is also incredibly stylish. You can benefit from classic features like roof cornices to give your new space an elegant look. With a roof lantern, you can also add a vaulted glass skylight inside a solid roof for a perfect blend of light and warmth. You could even colour match the brickwork to your existing property, creating a more natural connection to your home!

Conservatory to Orangery Conversion Cost

A conservatory to orangery conversion can cost anywhere between £20,000-100,000. While that may seem steep, though, those prices are with the big national brands. Those companies have larger overheads, meaning they’ll charge you more to cover them. Not only that, they can take ages to install the space, leaving you waiting for weeks or even months.

With Abbey Conservatories, though, you could cut the cost of a conservatory to orangery conversion. We can offer conversions for under £20,000, as can many local suppliers. Also, it could even cost less than building a brand-new conservatory for your home! That way, you’ll be making a better investment with a local installer in your area.

At Abbey, we’ve made the conservatory to orangery conversion one of our premium installations. We have years of experience in carrying them out for our valued customers. And, as a trusted, local installer, our team will install them made-to-measure for your home in less time. We’re also members of Checkatrade, ensuring you’ll get a quality conversion for your home.

orangery conversionConservatory to Orangery Conversions with Abbey

If you’d like to switch your old conservatory to an orangery with a conversion from Abbey, get in touch today!

With our online quote builder, you can find out just how much our conversions will cost. You could also choose bespoke features for your build to personalise it to your home.

If you’d like to hear more, Abbey’s friendly team is always available too. Reach out to us today using our online contact form or by calling 01189 582 839 to ask us anything!

top uses for a garden room

Top Uses For a Garden Room

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What are the top uses of a garden room? There are more than you might think for one of these stylish, versatile spaces. If you’ve wanted to use your garden more often or more comfortably, then a garden room is ideal. You’ll be adding a room surrounded by nature, but durable enough to withstand it at its worst with weatherproof materials and excellent insulation.

Because of this, a garden room offers far more than a typical shed or shelter. You could use it as a reading room, a social space, or a way of getting away from the stresses of daily life. And, as it’s a part of your garden, it’ll be a freestanding structure which you can style to suit the outdoors rather than the indoors.

With Abbey, you could add a garden room to your home that you can use for a variety of purposes. One of these builds could make the rest of your home more spacious and less cramped, giving you more room to use.

However, as a separate structure, it’ll be like a home away from home, and a space to unwind. You can design a garden room to be small and cosy, or expansive and bright. That way, you could find uses for it that might surprise you. And, with Abbey, you’ll get a garden room for less and with a brilliant service. We’re a trusted local installer with over 30 years of experience!

garden room home officeGarden Room Home Offices

Finding the right space to focus can be difficult in a cluttered home. However, if you need space to knuckle down and work, you don’t need to build a conservatory or an extension. Instead, one of the top uses for a garden room these days is as a home office.

Although they’re freestanding structures, you can connect garden rooms to electricity, meaning you’ll have no issue installing a PC and other work equipment. Additionally, your garden room will be private and quiet, with excellent sound insulation to keep distractions well away. As many of us spend a lot more time indoors, a garden room home office is the perfect way to be productive.

Also, you can free up room in your existing home. If you already work from home, then you can remove a desk from a cramped area, helping you revitalise another space. You could expand your living room with new furniture, or extend your social space for you and your guests to enjoy your home more freely.

And, with a garden room home office, you can design your dream workstation. You can get a new desk to match a timber or woodgrain exterior and interior, and you can also invest in smart storage for files. That way, you can keep your work life and your home life separate – but with a much shorter commute.

garden room costsGarden Rooms for Hobbies

Pursuing some passions can take up a lot of space. However, with a garden room, you can design an area to suit any hobby you might have, and keep it away from the rest of your home. One of the top uses for a garden room is as a hobby space for sports, arts, or something else entirely.

For example, you could create an area for pool, darts or even table tennis if you have friends over, or you could put musical instruments in there if you’d like to practice in privacy. Thanks to the impressive insulation of modern garden rooms, you can do it comfortably as well, without feeling cold even in the winter months.

Additionally, a garden room is a perfect place to tinker. If you like building, inventing or fixing, then a garden room gives you a specialised space to do it without taking up more room in your home. That means you’ll have the area you need to fulfil your passions, without them getting in the way of anybody else’s room.

With Abbey’s garden rooms, you can also enjoy your hobbies securely. You’ll get sturdy walls and the choice of secure windows and doors with double glazing that has multi-point locking systems. Because of this, you can store the things most precious to you safely, giving you total peace of mind.

top uses for a garden room pricesGarden Room Lounges

Finally, finding space to socialise can often be difficult. Not only that but, on a warm day, you can end up being cramped indoors and away from the sun. However, with a garden room, you can create the ideal area for entertaining guests and enjoying the sunshine. One of the top uses for a garden room is as a lounge, giving you and your family a new room to unwind and relax in.

You can install new furniture like sofas and cushions, add a TV with an electricity connection inside the garden room, and add new carpet flooring or rugs for a soft, cosy interior. And, with your garden room, you can customise the dimensions to make it as expansive as you want it to be.

With a garden room, you’ll be able to socialise and relax in comfort too. That’s because these modern designs are highly durable and able to protect you from the worst of the weather. You’ll get a design with fully weatherproof materials, meaning wind and rain won’t cause your room to rot, decay or crack.

Also, you can open up your garden room directly into the outdoors. With the option of sliding and bi-fold doors, which slide away seamlessly to reveal a wide-open gateway to your garden, you’ll feel at one with nature. As a result, you can use your garden more easily and more comfortable, and get that same feeling of freedom and space in the rest of your home as well.

Garden Room Prices

Choose Abbey’s designs, and benefit from the top uses for a garden room in your home today.

You can use our online design tool to pick out your garden room and fully customise it to suit your needs. We’ll provide an instant online price for whatever space you create!

If you’d like any further information or advice, give Abbey’s friendly team a call today on 01189 582 839!

history of orangeries

History of Orangeries – Then and Now

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The history of orangeries can show you just how impactful one of these spaces can be for your home. An orangery is a classic design dating back hundreds of years. Originally, the main use of these rooms was to grow citrus fruits in the Meditteranean, which is where they get their colourful name from.

However, over the years, people started to modify the orangery design for home use. Having seen it on their ‘grand tours’ of Southern Europe around the 1800s, the British aristocracy brought the design to these shores, where it was a symbol of status. But, while the world has changed, the aesthetic appeal of these rooms have not.

Today, though, what has changed is their performance. You could invest in a state-of-the-art orangery for your home that blends a classic look with cutting-edge technology. The room uses advanced double glazing, resilient brickwork, and can come with customisable options like doors and roofing.

The orangery is a blend between a conservatory and an extension. In it, you’ll get the light and glass of the former and solid build of the latter, giving your home the best of both worlds. Also, with Abbey, you can customise our orangeries to suit your home precisely. That way, you’ll bring the history of orangeries to your home, investing in it for the future.

traditional orangeriesTraditional Orangeries

The design history of orangeries is full of quality. Fortunately, if you have a traditional home, or you want to bring timeless design to your modern one, we offer a wide range of classic orangeries. Our traditional orangeries can come with decorative roof cornices. The cornices conceal the gutters of the build for a sleeker, more stylish shape.

Not only that, but you’ll get resilient brickwork across the design. You can choose to match it to your existing property or go for a different shade to make the room stand out. Either way, the brickwork offers superb insulation and weather protection, meaning your orangery can stay warm all year round.

Also, you can continue the traditional look of your new space from the top of it. That’s because, at Abbey, we have the option of tiled conservatory roofs. Tiled roofs have a timeless design, with individual tiles that stick together. You can style each tile to create unique patterns, or you can choose a traditional finish like terra cotta for the roof.

A tiled roof has more to it than meets the eye as well. The tiles come together to create an air and water-tight shelter for your orangery. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about the greenhouse effect, you’ll be able to stay warm without your central heating, and there are small gaps between the tiles for ventilation on hot summer days.

modern orangeriesModern Orangeries

However, the history of orangeries doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past. Instead, you can customise your new build into a fabulous modern space for your home. That way, you can combine the quality design of then with the clever technology of now. Because of this, your new space will be able to do things that simply wouldn’t be possible back in the 1800s.

For example, if you want to let natural light flood into the new room, you can install floor-to-ceiling glazing. You’ll get full panels of glazing that stretch up the build, providing slim sightlines and spectacular views of the world outside. The glass will be double-glazed, too, so you won’t lose any of your home’s warmth.

Not only that, but you can open the whole space out to nature with innovative doors. At Abbey, we offer both sliding and bi-fold doors, designs which operate on an in-line slider. You can push sliding doors across to make them disappear into the corner of the room, while bi-fold doors have multiple panels of glass which fold over neatly away.

Also, as an Ultraframe partner, we can offer Ultrasky flat skylights and roof lanterns for your new orangery. These designs are solid roofs with glass sections in the middle, giving you a unique centrepiece for your home. You can surround them with LED lighting and speaker systems as well.

history of orangeries then and nowAre Orangeries Right For Me?

The history of orangeries has seen plenty of people use these spaces. From farmers to aristocrats to homeowners, they’ve all seen the benefits that these bright spaces can provide. But are orangeries right for you? If you’re considering expanding your living space, then they could be ideal.

For example, you might want a conservatory. However, those spaces can have issues when the weather becomes cold or hot, as many of them can have an uncomfortable greenhouse effect that amplifies the temperature outside. Additionally, an extension can be costly, and it’ll take months to install in your home. Therefore, an orangery is a seamless blend of both, with a unique history that adds character to your home.

And, when you work with Abbey, you can get orangeries at a price that’s right for you. We’re a local installer, meaning we won’t charge high premiums for our parts or travel costs that you don’t need to pay. Instead, you can invest in a brilliant orangery for a brilliant price, and get a bespoke build as part of your quote, too.

From there, you won’t have to worry about turning your home into a building site for months on end. Our fully trained installation team, accredited by FENSA, can fit your orangery made-to-measure, on your schedule, thoroughly.

Abbey: A New Name in the History of Orangeries

Abbey is a new name in the history of orangeries, ready to make its own. If you’d like to start your home improvement journey today, then get in touch with Abbey for our orangeries!

You can use our online quoting engine to pick every part of your new space and get a personalised price within minutes.

And, if you want to find out more about our orangeries, use our online contact form or call Abbey on 01189 582 839 to speak to our friendly team!

conservatory refurbishment

Guide To Conservatory Refurbishment

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You could transform your conservatory with only a little bit of refurbishment. While you might be thinking that your old space is beyond saving, Abbey’s range of refurbishment options could make you think again. With us, you could get new parts for your old build, helping it start to perform better and for longer.

You might have a space that is difficult to use in both winter and summer, has access issues, or just looks tired and basic. However, rather than tear it down, which costs time and money, you can replace parts of your build to get the perfect new room for your home for less money.

When you get a conservatory refurbishment, you won’t have to carry out as much work. You won’t tear the whole build down, meaning the process is quicker and less costly. And, if you like your current space, there’s no need to change the style. At Abbey, we offer made-to-measure parts that suit any space seamlessly. The only thing that will change is the performance of your space.

With a refurbished conservatory, you can enjoy your home in more comfort. You’ll get a choice of durable glazing, innovative doors, and even robust roofs. All of these options can make your home more secure, protect you from the weather, and even help you save money on your energy bills.

The Benefits of Conservatory Refurbishment

If you have an older conservatory, refurbishment could help fix a lot of its issues. You might have a conservatory, for example, that struggles with heat transfer. It’s a common issue in old builds, where thin materials across the design struggle to keep cold air away from your home. Not only that, but excess heat and sunlight can pass through, creating an uncomfortable greenhouse effect.

With conservatory refurbishment, though, you can take back control of your living space. New glass can provide better insulation in winter, new doors come with durable uPVC or aluminium frames, and a brand-new roof can block excess sunlight, reducing glare.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to save money at every step. When you invest in replacement parts, you can get them for less cost than you would in a new design. Then, once installed, they can help you save money in the long run. You’ll be adding the latest in efficient technology to your space, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills!

guide to conservatory refurbishmentConservatory Refurbishment Glazing

So, where to start with your space? One way to refurbish it is to change the glass. Many older builds use only one layer of glazing, which doesn’t offer a lot of protection during the winter. As a result, cold air can pass through quickly, making the whole room chilly and uncomfortable. When you get a conservatory refurbishment, though, you could invest in double glazing right across the build.

Double glazing uses two layers of glass instead of one, giving you more protection against cold weather. Additionally, a layer of argon gas sits in between the panels, reducing the risk of condensation and improving insulation. You can even get tempered glass which is less likely to break or internally shatter.

With new double glazing, you’ll also let natural light flood your home more safely. When the light comes in, you won’t have to worry about glare, as the second pane of glass reduces the sun’s intensity. Also, double glazing blocks out harmful UV rays, meaning carpets and furniture won’t wash out and fade.

conservatory refurbishment costsConservatory Refurbishment Doors

Another way to refurbish your conservatory is to invest in new doors. Modern doors are brilliant for both opening to your garden, but also connecting your conservatory to your home. Older designs are often narrow and difficult to access, making your garden seem much further away than it is.

However, modern builds use full sections of double glazing and slimline frames, meaning they always seem open. For example, sliding patio doors sit on an in-line slider, meaning they have no swing arc. Not only do they take up no space, but the full section of double glazing brings nature closer to your home.

You can also choose bi-fold doors, which use multiple glass panels that fold on themselves when you open them. As a result, either of these doors can provide seamless pathways to your garden. Also, if you need to use a wheelchair, pram or have mobility issues, you can get these doors with a low-threshold option. That way, your space is accessible for all.

Conservatory Refurbishment Roofs

The roof of your conservatory could be a crucial reason why it isn’t comfortable. It comes into more contact with the sun than any other part of the build. Because of this, a poor roof lets too much sunlight in, as well as cold or warm air. But that also means a brand-new roof can have a brilliant impact.

With a replacement conservatory roof, you can get a brand-new design that works to insulate your space more effectively. You can choose a roof with double glazing or more robust materials like tiled or solid structures. Either of these options is far more durable, fully weatherproof, and customisable too!

With a solid or tiled roof, you can get partial glazing or a roof lantern to let light through into your home. That way, you can control just how your conservatory is lit. You’ll also get more control over its temperature. A new roof offers brilliant insulation, helping you stay warm all year round and saving money on your energy bills every day.

complete guide to conservatory refurbishmentChoose Abbey for Conservatory Refurbishment

If you’d like a conservatory refurbishment, then Abbey is the ideal choice. We’re a trusted, local company with over 30 years of experience in providing new parts. We can offer the latest double glazing, unique doors and durable roofs for your home. And, with us, you can fully customise every design with hardware, colours or finishes to get the perfect style for your living space.

When you work with Abbey, you’ll also guarantee the right fit. Our installation team will fit your refurbishment parts made-to-measure, and around your schedule, so you get the personalised service your home deserves.

Conservatory Refurbishment Prices

You can use our online quoting engine today to take a look at our range of conservatory refurbishment options. Then, we’ll offer a unique quote for a customisable design within seconds!

Alternatively, if you’d like to hear more, or ask us anything, get in touch with Abbey today! You could fill in our online contact form, or call our friendly team on 01189 582 839 to speak to us directly today.

house extension add value

Will My House Extension Add Value?

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A new house extension could add more value to your home than you may think. Not only will you get a brand-new space, but it could raise the price of your home and reduce the amount of money you spend to maintain it. House extensions give you a world of possibilities, thanks to the versatility of their designs.

You can create any room you want, and get the same level of performance or better than you currently do in your existing home. Not only that, but a house extension is a fully bespoke option, adding value in how your home looks and feels. Because of all this, one of these spaces could transform your home.

At Abbey, we’re proud to have been installing stunning house extensions for over 30 years. We’ve seen first-hand how a brilliant house extension can add value to homes right across the area, and we know you can bring that value to your living space as well. Working with us, you’ll get a quality extension in the bespoke design of your choice, giving you total control over how it suits your needs.

With the option of durable glazing, innovative doors, thermally efficient roofing and a range of colours and finishes, your new house extension is what you make it. That way, you’ll add value to your home now, for years to come, and when you decide to move on.

will my house extension add valueHouse Extension Durability

A house extension is an ideal way to add value to your home. You’ll be investing in a room that can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your living space, or can stand out boldly. Unlike a conservatory or an orangery, you’ll get total control over the design of your extension.

You can choose the size, shape and overall style of the space, meaning you can use it for any purpose. Not only that, but the design you do create is one that’s built to last. Your extension will use highly durable materials, such as brickwork, aluminium or even tiles. All of these are fully weatherproof and able to perform for decades without a hitch.

House Extension Efficiency

Another way a house extension can add value is the money it could save for your home. With an extension, you’ll get a thermally efficient room that gives your home outstanding insulation. Because of this, you won’t be losing as much of your home’s energy. Additionally, you’ll be able to prevent cold air from spreading into your home from outdoors.

As a result, your extension will be warm, and every other room in your home will be able to feel the benefits too. That way, you won’t have to use your heating as often, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills every single day.

House Extension Security

And, if there’s one thing we at Abbey know adds value, it’s peace of mind. Feeling safe inside your home is vital to you and us. Because of this, our house extensions make sure you and your family are protected from any threat. If a burglar or intruder tries to get into your house through your extension, then they’ll be out of luck.

You can choose doors with innovative multi-point locking systems, resilient hinges and robust shootbolts. There are also windows with durable handles and roofing with more solid materials. That way, you’ll add an extra layer of protection to your home, adding value you can’t put a price on.

house extension valueHouse Extension Design

One thing sure to add value to your house extension is the right design. Many extensions can look a bit tired or basic, which isn’t good for you or anybody who’d like to move into your home. Because of this, the best way to add value is to be true to yourself. With a bespoke house extension, you can create the room you’ve been missing in your home.

For example, if you want a home office or study to get work done, you can build it. Alternatively, with the option of floor-to-ceiling glazing and bi-fold doors, you can build a social space that extends your living space and beyond into your garden.

House Extension Value

If you decide to leave your home, you’ll see how a house extension can add value that lasts a lifetime. If your home as an extension, it’s been proven that you’ll be able to get a higher price for your property! Because of this, you can expect higher, and more frequent offers when you decide to leave your home.

Many buyers will look for the condition of your extension, meaning regular maintenance can also help. Fortunately, as the design is so durable, cleaning is quick and easy. You won’t have to clean the build more than a couple of times a year either. That way, your house extension can add value to your home, and even to your next one, effortlessly!

Abbey House Extensions Add Value

With Abbey, you can build a house extension that adds even more value to your home. We supply leading extensions for low prices, and with the personalised service that only a trusted local company can provide. We have 30 years of experience in extensions, giving us the expertise to build your ideal space.

Our team can make the process as smooth as possible, working around your schedule and working with your designs. At Abbey, you can fully customise your new house extension to suit you. That means you can add value with a truly unique space! And, as a local installer, you could get a much lower price for your new extension when you choose us.

add value with house extensionHouse Extension Prices

To find out how low Abbey’s prices are for a house extension, get in touch with us today and add value to your home for the future!

You can use our online quoting engine to pick out every part of your new extension and to get a personalised price for it. It’ll only take minutes to use the interactive tool and seconds to get your quote, meaning it’s quick and easy.

Also, our friendly team are always on hand to help. You can fill out our online contact form to ask us anything, or give the team a call on 01189 582 839 to speak to us directly!

design your front porch

Inspiring Ideas For Your Front Porch

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For many homeowners, the front porch is the gateway to the rest of your home. It’s a place where visitors can take a momentary pause before stepping into your property, meaning that in many cases it is the first thing they see and creates their first impression – so it’s incredibly important to get this right and make sure it accurately reflects the look and feel of the rest of your home.

In practical terms, a front porch is a useful place to store your belongings away from the rest of your home. It means you can clear those shoes and coats out of your hallway and store them out of sight. But when you guests come to visit, they’ll pass through your porch, and you’ll want to make sure that they don’t just get the impression that you use your front porch for storing wet clothes and muddy footwear.

At Abbey Conservatories, we’re committed to improving the look and feel of your home with our cost-effective and beautiful installations. That’s why we’ve put together this useful guide into design possibilities for your front porch. So whether you’re looking to build a porch from scratch or upgrade your existing one, we hope you’ll feel inspired to create the one that’s right for you.

Open or Covered Front Porches

A front porch lets you open up your home to new possibilities – but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want it to be exposed to the outside world. Or, maybe you do – the choice is yours. You can opt for either open or covered front porches, depending on your needs and style preferences.

Open porches are a traditional English style that isn’t enclosed at the front or sides, with no additional walls – often, these are supports with an arched canopy on top. Fitting with their authentic aesthetic, these can often by seen in timber, or materials designed to imitate this. These front porches provide shelter from the rain for you and your guests as you enter your home. With their decorative beams and balustrades, they offer traditional style for an inspiring aesthetic.

To reap the benefits of increased storage space more effectively, covered porches are the ideal solution. This design incorporates walls, windows and doors to create an additional entrance at the front of your property. Let your guests step inside and take a breath before entering your property proper. They can slip off their shoes so they don’t traipse dirt inside, and this is the ideal place for you to keep your muddy boots and dripping-wet coat if you’ve been caught unawares in a sharp shower.

With traditional and modern designs available, you can choose the most inspiring front porch options to meet your needs and create the aesthetic that’s right for you.

inspirational front porch designsFront Porch Door Options

Another key and inspiring decision you get to make when designing your front door is the type of door you want to add to it. There are lots of different options available. Since this is the entrance to your property and the first thing many people will see, it’s vital to choose one that’s stylish, secure and earns you more kerb appeal. Many homeowners choose a raw and rustic stable door for their front porch door design. Porches provide a traditional aesthetic, so a similarly authentic-looking stable door is an excellent addition. Though they feature a handcrafted and old-fashioned appearance, modern stable doors are stronger and durable, and you can even find cutting-edge composite doors in the stable door style for your front porch.

Another front porch door option would be sliding doors. These door styles are often seen at the rear of properties as traditional patio doors, however they’re equally at home at the front. They are perfect for slightly larger porches with more space available for these large glazed door panels to slide aside. Equally, their sleek and sliding motion allows you to maximise the space of your front porch further, so you’ll have more room for storage and for your guests to step inside, without any doors opening inwards or outwards to get in the way.

A third front porch door option is French doors. These charming and continental doors open outwards and open up your home to new possibilities. If you feel inspired to design a chic and appealing front porch, French doors for your porch are a great choice. These are available in uPVC, as are many of these other porch doors, are there are many advantages to this material, including vast customisation options to suit your home. uPVC is cost-effective, versatile and highly secure, so no matter which front door style you choose, there’s bound to be the perfect fit for you.

Front Door Design Inspiration

The perfect way to feel inspired to design your new front porch is to take a look at other properties similar to your own – or maybe completely different – to see what other people have put together. Porches come in all shapes and sizes, colours, materials and configurations, so you should find the design process enjoyable and rewarding.

Whether you opt for a modern or traditional front porch design, open or covered with your choice of accompanying door style, the look and functionality are sure to enhance your home.

Inspired Front Porch Designs From Abbey Conservatories

Are you feeling inspired to start designing your new front porch? Why not get in touch with the expert team at Abbey Conservatories? You can get started on your next project by calling us on 0118 958 2839 or completing our online contact form.

Whether it’s windows, doors, conservatories, porches or any other project, we have the experience and expertise to take care of everything from start to finish. That way, you’ll be totally satisfied with your front porch design for an installation that’s sure to inspire friends, family, visitors and passers-by.

We look forward to working with you soon.

how to use a conservatory

Popular Ways To Use A Conservatory

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There are lots of important questions to ask when you’re planning to design your brand-new conservatory – and most exciting of all is, “How should I use my new conservatory?” We’ve put together this handy homeowners’ guide to give you some ideas about the most popular ways to use a conservatory, so you can choose the perfect way to make use of your new living space for you and your loved ones.

Conservatories are a significant undertaking for anyone. Their installation involves intelligent and co-ordinated efforts between many teams of skills individuals to get the job done. From builders and electricians to project managers and interior designers to name a few, there are many people involved in any conservatory installation.

But remember that the most important person is you – you are the one who will see and enjoy your new conservatory every day, so you need to make sure it’s right for you. That’s why you need to choose a reliable company like Abbey to expertly handle every aspect of the project so you can pay attention to the key point of how you are going to use your conservatory.

best ways to use a conservatoryUse Your Conservatory As A Social Place

Create a welcoming and inviting social hub for friends and family to enjoy with this popular use for a conservatory. As an extension of your home, you’ll benefit from an additional room in which to welcome guests and entertain.

Consider the many conservatory roof options available to enhance the look and feel of your conservatory as a social place. For example, if you opt for certain internal pelmets, these can be adorned with lighting and speaker options to create the perfect ambience and set the mood for your party or gathering.

With stunning conservatory roofs, you can enjoy gorgeous views of the night sky for evening soirées or bask in the beautiful sunshine and warm glow of an afternoon gathering. Conservatories connect your home with the outside world in a different way to the rest of your living space, so the top uses for conservatories make the most of this.

Use Your Conservatory As A Home Office

In recent months, working from home has gone from a luxury or rare occurrence to the “new normal” for many of us. As a result, lots of homeowners have realised that their property doesn’t have a space that’s ideal for working, away from the hustle and bustle and distractions of everyday life.

That’s why one of the top uses for a conservatory is to turn it into a home office. You have a whole new room to fill with everything you need to get your job done, from a desk and computer to any other equipment you may need. What’s more, you may find yourself feeling more inspired than if you were working from your spare bedroom or loft conversion, and your conservatory is full of natural light and gorgeous views of your garden, creating an inspiring space that helps you stay creative and stress-free.

If your job isn’t computer-based or office-bound, you can still enjoy this popular use of a conservatory. If you’re a professional person providing a skill or trade, why not consider operating out of your conservatory? Turn your conservatory into a hair salon, for example, transforming your space into a bright and airy room in which you can carry out your own transformations. Or, use your conservatory as an arts and crafts studio, and start creating beautiful pieces as stylish and bespoke as your new room.

best ways to use a conservatoryUse Your Conservatory As A Guest Bedroom

If you want to use your conservatory to entertain friends and family, but you’re hoping they’ll stay for a few days, why not consider turning your new expansion into a chic and stylish guest bedroom? Let your loved ones sleep under the stars as you welcome them into your home, while also maintaining yours and their privacy.

Modern conservatories feature advanced glazing options and efficient building capabilities to improve the thermal efficiency and weatherproofing of their installation. This means you won’t have to worry about your guests overheating in the summer or feeling chilly on winter nights, as they stay comfortable all year round. What’s more, with privacy-focused designs, your guests won’t have to feel exposed for all to see.

Using your conservatory as a guest bedroom also gives your carte blanche to head out and choose some brand-new pieces of furniture to fill your space. Make your conservatory as welcoming as possible with stylish furniture, practical additions like tables and storage, as well as a comfy bed to snuggle into after a long day. When you haven’t got any guests round, you may even feel tempted to use your conservatory as your own bedroom for a change of scenery!

Use Your Conservatory In Your Own Way With Abbey Conservatories

There are many popular ways to use a conservatory, and any of these would be a viable option. Choose a trusted local installer like Abbey to work with you on the project, understand your needs and get the job done in a way that works for you – giving you plenty of time to plan how you want to use your conservatory.

No matter whether you’re looking to make a buzzing social hub, inspiring home office or stunning guest bedroom, we can help. The possibilities for your new conservatory are endless, and we’ll help you design and install the one that’s right for you.

Get started today using our online quoting engine to generate your free and bespoke conservatory quote. You can also call us for more information on 0118 958 2839 or complete our online contact form. We’ll take you through the top ways to use your new conservatory for the best price. We look forward to working with you soon.

listed buildings conservatories

Conservatories For Listed Buildings

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Listed buildings provide a highly desirable aesthetic that makes them incredibly sought-after for homeowners across the country. They provide a charming, stylish aesthetic, full of character and history, and they come with a legacy that makes them stand out from the crowd. A Grade I or Grade II listed building is one that has been around for over one hundred years, with you, the current owner, acting as custodian to preserve its legacy and integrity to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

With history comes tradition, and listed buildings’ aesthetics sometimes mask how they are not always designed for maximum levels of space, warmth and comfort – certainly not to the extent homeowners would expect from a newbuild or recently renovated property. With rules in place, there are limitations to how much listed buildings can be improved.

Authentic listed buildings’ windows, for example, cannot be replaced with advanced double glazing. However, there is the worthwhile alternative of secondary glazing, with additional panels fitted around the window that do not replace it while still improving its thermal efficiency. But what about space? If you want another room for your listed building, you may be considering the addition of a conservatory. Is this possible, and is there an alternative?

Our expert team have put together this guide to tell you all you need to know about adding a conservatory to a listed building, so any home can reach its full potential with Abbey Conservatories.

What Is A Listed Building?

If you own a listed building, it’s likely you know the criteria. However, if you’re considering purchasing a property that may be Grade I or II listed, or you’re simply curious about the options that period property owners have when it comes to conservatories, we can help.

A listed building is one that is on the statutory list of ‘buildings of special architectural or historical interest’ and the listing protects all aspects of the property from changes that are out of line with its character. Age is the most common factor to determine what is or what will become a listed building – all of those in a good, original condition from before the 1700s will be listed, as well as most of those up to the mid-19th Century, while others between them and the turn of the 20th Century are chosen on a case-by-case basis.

add conservatory to listed buildingWhy Are There Limits on Home Improvements For Listed Buildings?

The purpose of registering an historical building is to preserve its original appearance and condition as much as possible. That’s why there are limits to the products and installations that can be carried out.

Property owners will, for example, want to retain a listed building’s original windows, so new and improved double glazing cannot be fitted. While this may make the building colder in the winter, less thermally efficient and even hotter in the summer – which brings with it a range of downsides to the functionality and performance of the structure as a whole – there are limits in place. Therefore, in this instance, residents of a listed building with concerns about their windows will look to add secondary glazing.

But where does this leave us if you want to add a conservatory to a listed building? If you own a period property that is Grade I or Grade II listed, you will have to make an application to your local council who will assess your case individually and get back to you with a decision usually within a few months or less.

English Heritage will often be brought in to give an opinion when the matter of adding a conservatory to a listed building is brought up, particularly if it is Grade I listed. Similarly, neighbours and other local interested parties can put forward an opinion during this consultation period.

Which Conservatory Should I Add To My Listed Building?

If you get approval to add a conservatory to your listed building, there is still more decision-making involved. There are a wide range of conservatory styles available, from traditional structures that will be instantly recognisable across the board to bespoke designs to maximise the amount of space you have available.

Since the consultation process can take as long as 13 weeks in some cases, especially when involving adding a conservatory to a Grade I listed building, this is the ideal time to meet with conservatory experts like ourselves to discuss the options available.

In order to retain your heritage home’s traditional appearance, you may want to consider the traditional Victorian conservatory style. These are perhaps the most distinctive and recognisable design on the market, and we’ve upgraded the classic aesthetics to include all the benefits of modern performance that you would come to expect from a cutting-edge conservatory.

You could also consider a grand Gable-End conservatory style. With its high roof and intricate detailing, it offers an elegant aesthetic to make the most of the height and space you have available. Perfect for the extravagant stylings that are characteristic of some older properties, if you’re looking to enhance the appeal of your listed building with a conservatory in addition to its performance, look to the Gable-End structure.

heritage home conservatoriesConservatories For Listed Buildings By Abbey Conservatories

Here at Abbey Conservatories, we have a wide range of conservatory styles available. No matter how unique your listed building may be, we are sure to have a bespoke conservatory design that works for you.

If you are unsure about any aspect of adding a conservatory to a listed building, why not contact our experts? You can reach out to us online or by phone on 0118 958 2839 and we’ll be happy to help.

Plus, if you’ve already applied to add a conservatory to a listed building, you can use our online quoting engine to get an instant price. We look forward to working with you soon.

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